What Is Permanent Eyebrow Makeup

How many mornings have you wanted to wake up perfect so you don’t have to waste time putting on makeup? Imagine being able to save yourself one of the most important steps: the eyeliner. Now you can make it happen thanks to permanent makeup for eyebrows or micropigmentation. In this article we will discuss about what is permanent eyebrow makeup?

Micropigmentation service

What we get with a micropigmentation service is permanent eyebrow makeup through pigments that are introduced at the epidermal level. The procedure is very simple, although it can cause some discomfort since it is performed in sensitive areas such as the mobile eyelid. It is about injecting pigments into the skin to achieve the desired color.

In the case of the eyes, the black pigment is the most demanded. What is sought is to imitate the effect of the eyeliner. Although in the case of eyeliner the purpose of micropigmentation is purely aesthetic and serves as a beautifying treatment, this technique is indicated to correct imperfections on our face and many people have put themselves in the hands of professionals to feel more confident with themselves themselves.

The final result obtained is very natural and the best of all is its duration: it remains intact for 2 to 5 years, depending on the skin. In aged and dry skin they usually last 4-5 years and in young skin 2-3 years. It also depends on the shades used as dark shades take longer to remove.

How is the permanent makeup procedure for eyebrows?

During micropigmentation, an inflammation of the tissues occurs as a result of the wound produced by the needle. The skin, as a response from the body, will send leukocytes and macrophages to the micropigmented area. In the following hours a scab will form that will last between 4 or 5 days. The scab makes the color look much more intense than the desired shade. After about a week it will disappear.

Until 30 days have passed, the pigment fixation process will not be completed, producing a loss of color between 10% -15% even more in some cases of skins with greater sebaceous secretion that eliminate more pigment.

As you will see, it can be used on lips, eyebrows, it serves to hide scars and you can even imitate freckles and moles, although today we would like to talk to you specifically about micropigmentation as the best ally to achieve a perfect permanent eyeliner.

What are the advantages of permanent makeup for eyebrows?

  • You will be impeccable throughout the day without having to worry about retouching your eyeliner.
  • You will be able to give your look more expressiveness. A good eyeliner can change our expression.
  • You can give it the shape that best suits you based on the shape of your eyes. The professionals who carry out the micropigmentation service will help you find the perfect outline for you. For example, it is ideal to correct the effect of droopy eyelids that saddens the look or to enlarge smaller eyes.
  • It is ideal for all those girls who do not dare to put on makeup themselves or for all those who may lose their pulse when it comes to lining their eyes.

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This technique should not be confused with tattooing or other methods, since both the products and the system used, as well as the duration of the results obtained are different. Permanent makeup for eyebrows or dermopigmentation is right in the middle between the semi-permanent makeup technique and that of tattooing.

  • Semi-permanent makeup: The final implantation of the pigment is carried out in the stratum corneum of the epidermis (superficial layer of the skin). The duration is approximately two weeks. This system is used temporarily to simulate tattoos or as a test prior to dermopigmentation. It is performed using the scraping technique, which consists of peeling the corneal surface of the skin using needles and pigment.
  • Dermopigmentation: The deposit of pigments takes place in the subepidermal layer, that is, in the germinative basal layer. The approximate duration is two years, although it will be the natural renewal of the layers of the skin, which determines the elimination of the pigment. As it is a non-definitive method, it needs fillings or reconstructions over time.
  • Tattoo: This is the name for the drawn spots produced by colored substances that are not soluble and poorly resorbable that are introduced transepidermally into the dermis. They are then visible by transparency through the epidermal lamina. The definitive implantation of the pigment takes place intradermally and the duration is definitive.

Sessions : The dermography is adapted to each of the patients, as well as to the areas and the problem to be solved. In all cases, a personalized prior diagnosis is essential. Before starting the micropigmentation session, tests are carried out to check the shape and color that will be applied, then the treatment begins.