Eyeliner For Round Eyes

As a good makeup lover, you surely know that each one has a different eye shape and that we should put on makeup according to this. This time we will learn how to make up round eyes or eyeliner for round eyes. We will start with basic makeup notions to get the most out of your eyes and finally we will share expert tips to make a cat eye outline that truly lengthens your eyes.

Shape your eyes with makeup

Round eyes require a lot of definition. It is very important to apply the light tones from the tear to the eye socket. Place the dark shadow on the outside of the eye and towards the socket but only reach the middle. This will frame your look and give you a much sexier appearance. To finish it will be important that you highlight your eyelashes. You can use your favorite mascara or even apply false eyelashes.

Make up the water line

It is important to make up the lower water line and the upper one as well. If you use flesh-colored or cream eyeliner, your eyes will open more. The intention is to give you a more almond shape . Now, applying black eyeliner everywhere will round your eyes more instead of opening your gaze, so it is better to avoid it in the water line.

Eyeliner For Round Eyes

Highlight your eyebrows

When plucking your eyebrows, try to give them a more angular shape . You can even use highlighter on the brow bone, above the hair towards the temple. This will give you a lifting effect in that area.

Outlined step by step

  • You should know that you don’t need to immediately start using eyeliner. Start by marking the shape with a wet bevel brush and a matte black shadow.
  • Begin to  outline the eyelid as close to the lash line as possible.
  • If you make a mistake, soak a cotton swab in some oil-free makeup remover and wipe off the excess.
  • Now define the lower eyelid from the outside to the middle of the eye, as close to the lash line as possible.
  • Going back to the outside, extend the bottom line towards your eyebrow. You will not drag the brush, you will only tap to mark the area.
  • Then  join the upper outline to the extra line that was left to form the cat eye .
  • Now you can thicken the eyeliner until it is as you wish. To thicken you must trace both above and below but never in the middle. In the middle part of the eyeliner triangle, there will be a space without color just in the corner of the eye
  • To further lengthen the look it is important not to put black on the inside of the eyelid. Better use a nude eyeliner and clean it as soon as it stains black.
  • After outlining the water line, fill in the part of the corner that is not black. If the pencil gets dirty, wipe it off immediately with a tissue.
  • Now go over the silhouette that you marked with shadow using a gel or liquid eyeliner. Finish by curling your lashes well.

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