Makeup Fixer Use

Hello friends of Pebble! Today we are going to talk about the makeup fixer use. If you want your makeup to last many hours and remain intact, then you will love this product. Let’s learn a little more about him … makeup fixer use, what is it for? How to use fixing spray: tricks and … Read more

Cheap Makeup Brands Online

cheap makeup brands online

Hello! How are you? We come back one more week, this time to make a special post cheap makeup brands online. Today we are not going to talk about any new technique, but we are going to fill your entire makeup set for less than 3o euros. Do you like the idea? You will find … Read more

makeup terminology

makeup terminology

you like to wear make-up but the terms “primer”, “concealer” don’t mean much to you? Do you confuse base and foundation? Well, you are not alone. Many of us find ourselves lost in the makeup terminology as the supply is large. If you are a beginner, this little vocabulary will allow you to familiarize yourself … Read more

editorial makeup definition

Editorial shoots involve many people who work to make an illustrative story. The shooting is very creative, it is the union of the acting of the model and the editorial makeup, but what is this type of makeup . What is editorial makeup? Editorial makeup is a style that usually is not used every day, but is used … Read more