Types Of Eyeliner

The eyes are possibly the element of the face that shows the greatest expressiveness in a person. That is why, when doing makeup work, they will need special attention.

Such is the importance of the eyes that you can perform the test of finishing a makeup job without including the eyes, and doing the same job including the eyes. The result will obviously differ greatly.

As an important element that they are in the world of makeup, they will need a series of specific products for them, and as normally happens, within each of these products we will be able to choose between different options that will offer us a different and more appropriate result for each style of makeup or skin type.

One of these products is the eyeliner, with which the famous eye stripe is made, and that despite its small area of ​​action, it can offer a spectacular image of the work done.


It is a cosmetic employer to mark the eye contour and, thanks to this, increase its expressiveness, create a sense of enlargement of the eyes, and serve as a decoration element in conjunction with the rest of products applied during a work of makeup

There are different types of eyeliners, but most of them all coincide in one thing (in addition to the function they fulfill), and it is in its form, since they usually always have the appearance of a pencil or marker, which is ideal to outline the eye contour.

A little history about eyeliners

The fact of makeup is an action that has always been present throughout history with many different purposes, in addition to highlighting the beauty of the person who has put on makeup, especially if she is a woman, and whose use is the most widespread nowadays.

One of the cultures in which the use of eyeliners was very present was the Egyptian, whose motifs, in addition to aesthetics, are believed to be also medicinal since various studies have concluded that, at that time, the eyeliners contained lead salts that They were used to protect the eyes from different diseases and infections.

Successful or not in his theory, the truth is that the Egyptians have been a source of inspiration for many uses of the eyeliner today due to the representativeness of this cosmetic in the appearance of, especially, the pharaohs and pharaohs. So much so, that in 1922 the tomb of Pharaoh Tutankhamen was discovered, and the image of it represented in his sarcophagus meant a change of style in the make-up of the time, generalizing the use of the eyeliner.

Throughout history there are also peoples such as the Persians, and other cultures of the Middle East and Asia that have been characterized by the use of this cosmetic.

It was already, from 1960, when different types of eyeliners began to appear on the market, such as liquid and, with it, different fashions in terms of makeup styles and use of this cosmetic in society.

It will be very important to know the different types of eyeliners that currently exist in the market to be able to choose the most suitable for the type of work that is going to be performed. This variety is quite wide.

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Pencil eyeliners

The name of this type of eyeliner indicates everything since, obviously, it is a pencil that looks almost identical to those used for writing or drawing. They are the most common type of eyeliner, and possibly the easiest to use. In addition to the traditional wood format, it is also possible to find plastic pencils, and even profilers similar to automatic mine pencils (which must be pressed a button to remove the mine as it is spent).

Due to this variety existing in this type of eyeliners, it is convenient to try the different models until you find the right one.

At the time of applying them they are smooth and mark the line very clearly, in addition to allowing their removal in a very simple way using only make-up remover; but something that must be taken into account is that these types of eyeliners have to be tipped out as if it were a writing pencil, so before applying it on the eyelid the tip should be rounded to avoid it being very sharp and damage the skin of this sensitive area. Once applied, its durability is very good.

A fact that should be known is that certain brands use a very oily or oily composition in the mines of these profilers, something that is not usually convenient to apply on oily skin.

Pencil eyeliners have a fairly long use life, lasting more than a year.

Liquid eyeliners

These types of eyeliners have suffered an increase in popularity in recent years. Within this category we can find two different types of liquid eyeliners: on the one hand, those that have a similar shape to that of a marker with a sharp tip formed by a small brush; and on the other, those that are shaped like a brush, which comes inside a small bottle that contains the product itself, so that it resembles a nail polish, but with a more elongated shape.

Unlike pencil eyeliners, liquids require a lot of experience when drawing the lines, and also a good pulse (especially those with a brush format). The reason? Once applied it is extremely difficult to remove, something that is an advantage: its excellent durability; and a disadvantage: this same difficult elimination.

Another drawback they present is that, due to certain compounds used in their manufacture, they can be too aggressive for those women who have very sensitive eyes.

These types of eyeliners offer a very intense and marked finish that cannot be achieved with any other type of eyeliner, but it must be taken into account that once applied they will take a few seconds to dry. In addition, certain brands of cosmetics have among their offer waterproof liquid eyeliners, which will withstand any unforeseen events that may occur. The intensity of just offered by the liquid eyeliner allows to trace and create very particular and original styles, especially in the upper eyelid.

An advice for those people without experience with this type of products is that, when drawing the line, first make a series of points where this line will run, to join them later; that is to say, it is about creating a guide that gives us security when drawing the final line. You should also avoid drawing the line in a single pass, as this increases the risk of failure and having to spend some time removing the product used to start over again

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Usually, this type of eyeliners usually last between 6 and 8 months.

Gel eyeliners

Gel eyeliners have a small bottle format, accompanied by a brush that should be used for application. As for use, they are somewhat similar to liquid brush eyeliners, but they will have small differences.

This product is easier to use than the liquid eyeliner, but not as simple as using a pencil eyeliner. The truth is that they require a good pulse and some experience for their application, but in case of error their elimination is much simpler than in the case of liquids, but beware: this will be so as long as the product has not been drying, which means that in case of error, it must be removed immediately.

There are different types of brush for the application of this product, something that will involve different finishes or effects, such as a thinner or thicker line. Knowing what type of brush contains the product that we are going to acquire is going to be an important point.

When applying, just take a little product without having to completely immerse the brush in it. The upper eyelid will be the first on which the eyeliner will be applied. Once placed, the line can be reviewed again to increase its intensity.

It may also be convenient to apply, first of all, a pre-foundation of makeup on the eyelids in order to improve the eyeliner fixation.

Due to the format presented by this product, it is common for the jar that contains it to remain open for the duration of the application. This fact should be avoided since the product will gradually dry out and lose properties until it becomes unusable.

As for the durability of this type of eyeliners, it is usually about a year, but they require washing and care of the brushes.

Compact powder eyeliners

This format is much less frequent than those explained so far. They consist basically of compacted powder on a small surface, and that require a small brush for application in addition to moisture; that is, it is a product similar to a watercolor that requires water.

The less moisture you have in the product (within minimum values), the more intense the result will be after application, while with large amounts of moisture the result will be more diluted. Usually, it is a somewhat difficult product to use.

It is possible that with the passage of time, the product that remains in the container will crack and be left in small pieces. To solve this, it is enough to add a little water and gather these pieces so that they are glued to each other.

Its useful life is much longer than that of the other eyeliners, even exceeding two years.

Kohl eyeliners

Kohl eyeliners are a type of pencil eyeliner, but they have the peculiarity of having a mine whose composition includes some special element. This element is, as the name implies, the kohl.

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And what is the kohl? The kohl is, possibly, the eyeliner used since an older time. At the beginning of this article we referred to the fact that in the Egyptian culture and certain Arab cultures a cosmetic element was used in the eyes that was used, in addition to changing the appearance of the person, to protect their eyes. Well, kohl (name that the Arabs later gave him) was one of these cosmetics used then.

Nowadays kohl is about charcoal along with other natural elements, which is presented in pencil form. The finish it offers is very intense and characteristic, in addition to being very simple to use but it has a drawback, and it stains a lot, so it should be used carefully, especially if the clothes nearby are “easy to use. stain”.

Due to the tendency of this product to stain, it is more practical to apply it before makeup, in order to correct any stain that occurs on the face due to its use without having to remove the makeup and start again.

It is an antiseptic, hypoallergenic element, and helps prevent eye infections and irritations.

In addition to being presented in pencil format, it is possible to find kohl powder, which is applied with a stick made of bamboo or glass; and in fat, which offers a final finish much more intense than the rest. This eyeliner is shaped like a bar and has the advantage that the dust will not spread causing unexpected spots.

Other aspects to consider when choosing an eyeliner

We have seen that the variety of eyeliners is quite wide in terms of types, but it does not end here. Within each type we can choose different colors, the most common being:

Black: enlarges and rounds the eye.
Coffee tone: softens the image of the eye and gives a point of elegance.
White: in the lower area combined with black in the upper helps to further enlarge the eye.
Gray: Offers a smooth final finish, in addition to increasing the luminosity.
Blue and green tones: Suitable when combined with the costumes, the atmosphere … and the current fashion.
How is an eyeliner used?

Undoubtedly, the biggest problem that exists when using this cosmetic is the fact of not having a good pulse. To improve in this aspect you can follow the following method:

First, sit down. It is essential that it be a well ventilated place with sufficient lighting.
Secondly, the elbow must be supported on a flat and stable surface in order to eliminate the involuntary movements that the hand can perform.
When applying the eyeliner, the little finger should be resting on the cheek, something that will eliminate the trembling of the hand.
You should also hold your breath during that instant.