Types Of Blushes

Do you have doubts if the blush that is in fashion is right for you? There are different types of blushes in the Market and it is very important to know how to recognize them to be able to choose the right blush according to our skin type and desired effect.

Types Of Blusher

The best known types of blush are the following:

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    How To Apply Blush

    Powder blush (compact)

    The compact powder rumor also known as blusher, rouge and blush, is the most used, although it is recommended for those with normal or mixed skin. This kind of blush is what brings naturalness to the face.

    Powder blush

    Cream Blush

    The cream blush is ideal for girls who have dry skin, because in them the powder blush tends to look dry and dull and what we need is that your skin looks moist and satin. Girls who have normal or mixed complexion can also use it, only because of its composition it is much more beneficial for dry skin.

    Liquid Flush / Ink Flush

    The liquid blush or ink blush It is a type of blush with a liquid consistency that has a dual function since it can be used for cheeks and lips. It has a long duration and is presented in a different texture to rouges (powder blush). With the liquid blush we can achieve that fresh, daytime look, and nothing overloaded. This particular product is presented in different formats: as paint that is applied with a brush, pocket format, to apply with your finger or as a marker pen, depending on the brand.

    The blushes in ink dry very quickly and are waterproof, so it is recommended to apply and blur quickly. This type of blush works with all skin types. The ideal method is to put a few small drops on the cheeks and then expand them with small taps, you should take into account that it will stain your hands a bit.

    Bar Blush

    The bar blush works in the same way as cream blushes since its composition is creamy. But at the same time it is compact, which makes it the easiest to apply. Since no brushes or sponges are needed to apply it. The mechanism is simple, you put the bar directly on the skin, and then with the fingertips blur well, it has the peculiarity of easily combining with the complexion.

    Gel Blush

    This type of blush will give your skin a very natural look and a long lasting touch of color. It works very well with all skin types since it usually does not contain oil and, like the cream blush, can be applied with your fingers or with a makeup sponge.

    Loose powder blush

    types of blushes

    The powder blush is very easy to apply with a blush brush and therefore helps to avoid its excessive use, which can cause the appearance of spots on the face. The loose blush is characterized by being easy to blur and give a velvety effect and a natural finish. This type of blush is good for all skin types. But it benefits the oily skin a lot since it helps them absorb moisture. It is usually applied after face powder and will give a translucent color and shine to the skin.

    Mineral / Loose Flush

    The mineral blush is also powdered, but it is much lighter with the skin. It usually comes as loose powder, is made of minerals, almost always has shine and is long lasting. Irritating to the skin less and avoiding clogging pores. Mineral flush is recommended for people with sensitive skin.

    Blush in Mousse

    Mousse blush is similar to cream blush as it is also recommended for dry skin. Its consistency is inflated with air particles which makes it much softer and diffuses very easily with the fingers. At the same time the blush in mousse helps to add moisture to your face.

    Blush in airbrush

    These types of blushes comes in a liquid consistency and is designed to be applied with an airbrush. There are 3 formulas for this types of blushes: water based, alcohol based or silicone based. It is recommended for all skin types and the type of formula will depend on the desired effect and duration.