Smokey Eye Red Lip

If there are two things that will never go out of style is smokey eye red lip, the lips are painted deep red and the eyes are smoky , and this fall, they will undoubtedly be the star of the season.

Smokey Eye With Red Lip

Many of you will wonder if the lip tone we wear combines with our clothes, or if smoky eyes are only worn at parties or on special occasions. Today we are going to tell the secrets of these two makeups , so this season your face look bright and elegant.

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    Smokey Eye Red Lip Look

    1. Red lips

    The lipsticks in red tones have been widely used in all ages, as they provide women with an exquisite femininity , making the face has a touch sexy well as elegant.

    The lips are worn with a natural finish , that is neither too bright, nor too matt. The best option so that the lips look cared for and hydrated , and the lipstick lasts longer on them, you must first hydrate them with a lip balm, then you profile them with a pencil of the same color, we paint them with the lipstick, and we fix them by pressing with a tissue, and repainting them.

    You can choose the tone that you like, from classic red, dark red, currant, blood red or even garnet. However, if you want to have an optimal result you have to take into account when applying the lipstick is which of the tones goes most with each skin tone.

    People with tan, or slightly yellow, skins are most favored with ferrari red, coral or orange lips.

    Whiter skin, however, looks better with fuxia, blood red and maroon lips.

    smokey eye red lip

    2. Smoky eyes

    No doubt smoky eyes make a woman have a sexy and feline look. Depending on the color you apply, you will highlight one eye color or another, although black is always a good option.

    To make a smoky eye effect s you first have to fill the entire eyelid with a white pencil, and we extend the product with the eyes. Subsequently, we apply the powder shadow with the help of a fine brush, and blur in the direction of the eye socket upwards.

    If you want an even better effect for your smoky eyes, outline with an eyeliner, and apply some false eyelashes that enlarge your look.

    If your eyes are brown, you can enter earthy, ocher tones to make them look more greenish. And if they are green, bet on colors like magenta and plum. If your eyes are blue, light colors like beige and brown are a good option. If, on the other hand, your eyes are black, introduce dark green tones, and if you have honey brown, the pink and purple tones are perfect for you.

    1. Eye Makeup For Office Look

    smokey eye red lip

    2. Black Smokey Eye

    smokey eye red lip

    3. Dark Smokey Eye Red Lip

    smokey eye red lip

    4. Silver Smokey Eye Red Lips

    Smokey Eye Red Lip

    5. Red And Silver Eyeshadow Looks

    Smokey Eye Red Lip

    6. Gold Smokey Eye Red Lips

    Smokey Eye Red Lip

    7. Warm Smokey Eye Red Lips

    Smokey Eye Red Lip

    8. Smokey Eye Red Lip Dark Skin

    Smokey Eye Red Lip

    9. Dramatic Smokey Eye Red Lip

    Smokey Eye Red Lip

    10. Matte Smokey Eye Red Lip

    11. Eyeshadow And Lipstick Combinations

    12. What Color Lipstick Goes With Red Eyeshadow?

    13. Natural Smokey Eye Red Lip

    14. Blue Eyeshadow Red Lipstick

    15. Pictures Of Makeup With Red Lipstick

    16. Red Lipstick Makeup Look Blonde

    17. Smokey Eyes with Red Lips

    18. Black Smokey Eye

    19. Black Smokey Eye Indian

    20. Bronze Smokey Eye Red Lip

    What do you think about red lips and smoky eyes ? If you want your face to look sexy , but at the same time elegant and sophisticated , combine these two makeups and they will all envy you!