Self Tan For Dark Skin

How to apply a tan when you have dark skin?

Good-looking or sculpting effect, tanning is the makeup product you take on vacation! Sun powder, sunbathing or Terracotta: as many names as uses. Yes but here, when you have a matte skin how to find the perfect shade and especially how to apply it well? Plastering effect or invisible tan, dark skin tends to find powder in their skin. Do not panic, the editor gives you tips of self tan for dark skin to perfection or tanned skin.

How to apply a tan when you have dark skin?

Dark skin: sunbathing by the hatch?

No, no and again no It is not because you have dark skin that you should forget about tanning. Your matte skin also has the right to a pretty complexion, but to do this there are a few rules to follow.

Choosing the right shade

Unlike the paler skins which will opt for beige and pink tones, the chocolate and amber hues are made for dark skin! It seems obvious but to choose a tan lighter than your skin, you don’t really see the point. We therefore favor warm shades, which give a bit of sun to darker skin tones. From golden to orange caramel, these warm tones will highlight a more pronounced natural tan .

Prefer the mat to the iridescent

We fall for a powder with a mat finish! Why? A matte texture will more easily hollow out the shaded areas of the face and give the perfect illusion of a real sunbathing!

But once you have chosen your shade, you have only completed half the job, you still need to know how to apply it correctly!

How to properly apply your tan?

Prepare her skin

It’s not because it’s summer that you should abandon your skincare routine. The good-looking side of the tan will only have an effect on hydrated and unified skin. We put on a good hydration before going to the foundation and concealer. Little tips for those who hate demarcations? Perform an exfoliating treatment before moisturizing your skin for a tanned complexion without the “I stayed 8 hours in the sun” side.

Be careful not to have too heavy a hand!

It is not because your skin is dull that it takes tons. Once the right shade chosen, just use a flat brush applicator and flared or a blush brush. Take a little powder, pat lightly on your hand to remove the excess and apply to areas generally exposed to the sun: cheekbones , nose , upper forehead and chin . The little tips? You can draw this famous 3 which we often hear about, from the base of the forehead to the chin, and voila!

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Adapt your tan to the shape of your face

Whether you have dark or pale skin, applying a tan is the first step towards restructuring your face !

If you have a round face : under the cheekbones, the tan will refine your entire face. Do not hesitate to use it also on your eyelids and brow bone for an immediate light effect.

If you have a square face : we round the angles! On the temples and lower jaw, the tan will soften your features.

If you have an oval face : we focus on the cheekbones to mattify, illuminate and give relief to your face. The trick to restructure your features? A touch of sun powder on the bottom of the jaw and in the middle of the forehead at the edge of the hair.

Give free rein to your creativity

The great thing about summer is that you can have fun. Color, texture, in summer we dare everything! So if you have dark skin why not fall for red or even copper tones ? We let you choose, the good-looking effect will be there!

our selection

A warm and subtle tan

We fall for the warm shades of the tanner made in Fenty Beauty. No need to be a makeup addict to succumb to this powder texture with a more than satisfactory finish. Ideal for daytime makeup, pair it with a highlighter to brighten your complexion in the evening! like this article ? Share self tan for dark skin on your social networks!