Permanent Lip Makeup

Perfect shape, bewitching bends, rich color and good volume – this is exactly how every beauty wants to see her lips. To achieve this effect, an infinite number of lipsticks, paints, glitters and other attributes of women’s cosmetics bags were invented. But all of these options are short-lived. On average, lipstick lasts on the lips for 2-3 hours, after which it begins to ugly “curl up”, causing discomfort and discomfort on the lips. How to get a long and effective result of lip correction? Modern technology allows us to achieve this result with the help of permanent lip makeup. The content of the article:

Permanent lip makeup – what is it?

Permanent makeup is a way of pigmentation of the upper layer of the skin, in our case, lips. The procedure carries out approximately as follows: special micro-punctures are present in the skin, which will later fill with dyes (pigments). In this procedure, only natural components of plant origin, as well as mineral ones, are used. This ensures that chemicals enter the bloodstream to a minimum.

The technique of applying permanent lip makeup is similar to the sequence of “filling” the tattoo. The only difference is in the depth of the punctures: to make a tattoo, you need to enter the paint into a deeper layer of the skin, and for applying makeup it takes no more than 0.8 cm.

What does the girl get after such a procedure?

  1. Clearly defined lip contour.
  2. Pleasant skin tone that attracts attention. You can choose it yourself: from nude and natural shades to the effect of bright lipstick.
  3. Additional volume.

Duration of Permanent Lip Makeup

It’s no secret that our skin has the function of constant renewal. Dying skin cells exfoliate, and with them, the introduced paint gradually disappears. It is difficult to determine any specific time frame for “wearing” permanent lip makeup. The timing of its action depends on many factors: application technology, skin features, age.

Before you sign up for a procedure, you should pay attention to its advantages and disadvantages, so that later you will not be disappointed with the result.

Pros and Cons of the Permanent Method

Let’s start with the positive aspects of this makeup method:

1) You will get rid of the need to spend time at the mirror every day, drawing an even outline;

2) Your face looks well-groomed at any time of the day;

3) You can forget about the “curled” lipstick and smeared borders.

However, the procedure has its drawbacks:

1) high cost;

2) the constancy of one single color, the inability to be different every day;

3) special requirements for lip care.

Dealing with Techniques

Currently, the masters use several methods of applying permanent makeup on the lips. They differ in complexity and result of work. Let’s try to consider the most common options:

Permanent lip contour makeup . Such a procedure is best for clients in the age range of 40+, as over the years the lip color loses its former saturation, and the form becomes not so distinct. Scars, scratches, diseases and other factors – leave quite noticeable deformations on the face. Permanent make-up of the contour will hide and deformation in the rough border area.

Permanent lip makeup with shading will allow you to get the effect of a little faded lipstick. The contour at the same time becomes more distinct to the edges, and in the lips it gradually disappears into the haze.

Full filling is ideal for lips with a clear contour. The master carries out processing of the entire surface of the lips, without affecting only the border. Healthy color and natural shine – provided!

Light Kainal . The principle of this technique is to apply very light shades to the lips. For this feature, it is also called “natural tattooing”. Light kaynal helps to unobtrusively enlarge the lips, making them more voluminous and swollen.

The 3D effect is one of the most difficult types of permanent lip makeup. It allows you to solve problems such as pallor, asymmetry, etc.

Skin preparation

After reviewing reviews of permanent lip makeup, you can identify one significant detail – this procedure requires you to prepare in advance, otherwise there is a risk of serious complications.

Such a procedure can “shake” your immunity very much, because piercing the skin of the mouth is a great stress for the body. In the period of three days before and after the procedure, the use of Acyclovir is recommended, which will prevent the occurrence of such an unpleasant disease as herpes.

The day before the visit to the master, you should abandon the use of alcohol and energy drinks, as well as other fluids that stimulate the nervous system. Also, do not eat seafood, as they reduce blood coagulation.

After the procedure, you will have to refrain from kisses for several days until the inflammation on the lips disappears.


Your visit to the master begins with a discussion of the desired result, the nuances of the work, and the technique of applying paint. After all the details are agreed upon and the necessary technology is selected, the wizard draws the desired contour and color on the image so that you can look from the side at what you get in the end. The next step will be, directly, the procedure itself, which consists of several stages:

  1. Special micro-incisions are made to enter an anesthetic;
  2. An anesthetic is used (it can be found in different forms: gel, spray, cream);
  3. When the anesthetic begins to act, the master carefully punctures the skin to inject dyes;
  4. Using a special cosmetic syringe, the paint is applied to the upper layer of the lips (approximately 4-5 mm).

The work process can last up to 3.5 hours.

How to choose a pigment for lips

Color fastness, smooth lines and the choice of shades most often depend on the pigments used, most of which have a mineral base. All high-quality compositions used for work must necessarily contain iron oxide (it does not allow irreparable skin reactions to paint: filled areas may turn blue or even blacken).

Be sure to ask the wizard about the pigments used in the work. Products manufactured in Taiwan, China and Asia are not of the highest quality; they are used by unscrupulous cosmetologists who are trying to save on working material. By agreeing to a procedure with such compounds, you risk earning an allergy and even poisoning. Find out immediately about the pigment manufacturer in the salon and ask for confirmation certificates. It is best if the paints are made in Germany or the USA, judging by the reviews, these manufacturers are famous for their high quality and guarantee a good result.

The choice of the main color is made by the client and the beautician before the procedure. Considering the option you like, focus on the skin color type. For example, fair-haired girls with a pink blush are best suited for a cold shade, and tanned beauties with a warm color of hair and eyes – it is better not to disturb the softness of the image and choose a warm shade. Pay attention to the fact that bright and catchy shades quickly lose their saturation, and sometimes even change dramatically after the first month of wearing.

Skin care after the procedure

The first few days after permanent lip makeup are the hardest. Edema and “crusts” form on the lips, which are an indicator of the successful healing process. A week after such cosmetic surgery, a white film forms on the lips, which begins to exfoliate over time, causing peeling. When the skin restoration process is completed, the client receives the long-awaited lasting effect, which she dreamed about.

Until that moment, until the peeling after the procedure is completely gone, you need to wash yourself with warm boiled water, using a cotton pad.

It is worth abandoning spicy and salty foods, as well as drinking alcohol during the week after the procedure. You can also not visit the pool, bath and solarium.

Compliance with all the rules of care should be taken as responsibly as possible, because neglect of them can lead to severe complications.

Contraindications and risks

The most common complication that occurs after permanent makeup is herpes. Its appearance on the body is a sure sign that the body’s immunity will weak. Fortunately, the risk of such a nuisance can reduce to zero by using the Acyclovir procedure before and after.

Permanent makeup also has a number of contraindications. It is strictly prohibited for people with cancer, heart disease, as well as diseases such as diabetes, acne, epilepsy, hepatitis and HIV. Carrying out this cosmetic operation is not recommended for pregnant women, as well as during feeding.

If all the preparation points were followed correctly, and the procedure was carried out by a professional, and then the skin was provided with all the necessary care, then the effect of permanent makeup will be valid for five years.

Service cost

Based on numerous reviews by lovers of permanent lip make-up, we can conclude that the price of the procedure depends on several aspects at once:

  • from the popularity of the salon you have chosen, as well as from its pricing policy; from the popularity and professionalism of the master; and from the makeup technique you choose.

Remember that before you give your beauty to the hands of the master, it is extremely important to make the right and thoughtful choice, analyze the reviews about the service, consult with friends who already had experience in this field. It is necessary to study all the nuances.

Most women who use the permanent lip makeup service, consider this to be a real cosmetology gift for modern beauties. The result of this procedure saves a lot of time and looks fresh for many years. Appearance remains bright and attractive both day and night.

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Permanent Lip Makeup Reviews

The reviews of those who have already resorted to the use of this procedure will become the best guide for you, provided that you still do not know whether it is worth doing this cosmetic operation. In their reviews of the permanent makeup watercolor technique, many clients note that the lips look very natural and spectacular. Anesthesia helps to reduce pain from the procedure to a minimum, as a result, the pain from punctures will almost not feel. The only drawback of the process, according to the girls, is the use of needles in the procedure. Many go to the reception with the master with fear, fearing injections and pain from them.

It is also worth paying attention to the negative reviews of visitors to this procedure. On the Internet you can see a lot of comments of girls who had the imprudence to get into an unscrupulous salon or to an inexperienced master. As a result of the unprofessionalism of the master, the client does not get the result he was counting on. Fortunately, this problem can fix through contacting a master with a high professional level who can carry out corrective procedures and achieve the desired effect.

But, nevertheless, it is better to avoid such misunderstandings. Some women, sharing their opinions about the procedure, emphasize that it is necessary to ask the master to show how he sees the result of the work. If already on the trial version you see that the quality of services leaves much to desire – remember, before the start of the main procedure, you have every right to leave the salon and refuse its services! Share this article: