Permanent Eyeliner Pros And Cons

The treatment can be done in both women and men, achieving an increase in the density of the eyebrows in the most unpopulated areas, being able to wear more uniform and attractive eyebrows, thus strengthening the beauty of the face. Natural or tattooed eyebrows? This is the dilemma many women face.

Micropigmentation or permanent makeup uses natural pigments to make drawings on the skin that give color and shape to the area where they are applied, usually on the face. It helps to define the eyes, lips and eyebrows. You can also have a more aesthetic use, to leave the eye stripe permanently painted. In micropigmentation the doctor implants subcutaneous pigments that temporarily remain in our body.

Currently, the shape of your eyebrow may be inappropriate and give you a look of fatigued look or project something different to who you are.

In our days, a few eyebrows populated but well cared for always and at all times will be much more attractive and sexy than eyebrows too shaved where there is barely any hair.

  • It is convenient to carry out this treatment so that the specialist does not mix more than two colors, look for the lightest color, will not rinse with beige, do not use organic pigments in the eyes, do not use the copper on the lips and, above all, practice a test of allergies before doing micropigmentation.
  • They are purchased at any store of professional aesthetic products.
  • Hello Violet, I have read different beliefs regarding the skin with a tendency to form keloids and eyebrow pigmentation.

The final results are very realistic and natural eyebrows. In contrast to the micro, the treatment is done hair by hair, implanting the pigment in the epidermis (the most superficial layer of the skin), thus making the hair path appreciate and a feeling of naturalness and depth, in contrast to micropigmentation.


If you go beyond shaving your eyebrows, and in one case like this one more than another, you can cause, in a long term, damage to the hair follicles of your eyebrows and produce a very relevant lack of symmetry. If you want to hide those gray hair in the eyebrows, the most comfortable is to give a color of a tone as similar to that of your hair. You can use concrete eyebrow makeup when it comes to a few, or give yourself an eyebrow dye when there is more. They are purchased at any store of professional aesthetic products.


It can also be used to compact or darken existing eyebrows by giving them a more defined shape. Eyebrow micropigmentation is considered a permanent makeup technique. It is done with an instrument called a dermograph, with a needle with a tip to draw the hair and a needle with three to 5 tips to shade or fill.

Origin and development of permanent eyeliner


The main difference between micropigmentation and microblading is that, with traditional permanent makeup, a longer duration is achieved, but also a less natural appearance, leaving the rougher and thicker pigments at the same time that with the microblading technique more precision is conceived and the hairs are more real and natural. It is more superficial than the micro while the pigments are implanted in the epidermis.


The permanent eyeliner, so that we understand each other, subtly resembles a tattoo, while pigments are introduced into the skin with the help of a needle. These pigments are not permanent, as in the case of tattoos, but rather semipermanent, that is, they remain over a certain time and, with the passage of the same, fade. The eyebrow eyeliner is designed according to your face gender, your hair color, the density of your eyebrows, your skin tone, your eye color. The tattoo is deeper and more belligerent since larger and thunderous machines and thick needles that can penetrate up to 7mm of skin are used. To the step that the Permanent Delineate techniques and soft machinery are used to work with thin skin like that of the countenance.

With the flowering of the tattoo in Asia, the number of Asians who demanded to beautify their faces through the implantation of pigments in the line of their eyes and eyebrows grew considerably, thus the permanent delineation was born.

The Micropigmentation of lips is one of the most demanded treatments by the clients of the service that use permanent makeup to beautify the facial features. Micropigmentation is responsible for implanting pigments at the epidermal or superficial level to give color and shape to different parts of the body, being the most frequent, in the case of women, eyes, lips, eyebrows and chest.

In recent times, micropigmentation is increasingly used as a regenerative process to camouflage imperfections such as scars, or to reduce or improve diseases that lead to the loss of pigmentation in the skin, such as vitiligo or depigmentation. of the skin.

As you will see, it can be used on lips, eyebrows, it serves to hide scars and you can even imitate freckles and moles, although today we would like to talk specifically about micropigmentation as the best ally to achieve a perfect permanent eyeliner.

  • Both the way and the color can be changed according to fashion or if you want to.
  • The eyebrow liner is designed according to your gender, your hair color, the density of your eyebrows, your skin tone, your eye color.
  • For the 90’s, he specializes in the United States creating a “boom” and putting micropigmentation on trend.

Here only 1 to 2 mm is penetrated, which is enough to deposit pigment in the face area without this being a belligerent method. Permanent eyeliner is a process similar to that of a tattoo, which can stain our skin, cause allergic reactions to the ink or cause an infection. Even before knowing the advantages and disadvantages of permanent makeup, you must know what this treatment consists of.


It is a cosmetic technique with which mineral and natural pigments are applied to the epidermis through fine needles, just as if it were a tattoo. With this, you manage to wear a permanent or semi-permanent makeup that allows you to save time and not have to do your daily makeup. Permanent delineation is carried out with the application of mineral and also hypoallergenic pigments at the epidermal level, which in a period of one week after being implanted and having gone through a stage of intense color, become clear leaving a more natural appearance that will last for years. The color gradually fades.


Micropigmentation of lips is one of the most demanded treatments by clients who resort to permanent makeup to beautify facial features. The skin of the lip contour is a normal skin, like that of the rest of the face, and in it a good color fixation is obtained.