Nudes Lipstick

For the second year in a row, lipstick has been taking pride of place in a woman’s cosmetic bag. Nudes lipstick is widely in demand not only in everyday life, it is used in the make-up of stars of show business, at fashion shows, photo projects. The desire to look naturally traced in all areas of women’s life. We suggest figuring out how to choose the right nudes lipstick, which will help emphasize the natural beauty and make the image effective and relevant.

What is nudes lipstick

The first wave of popularity swept the nudes palette in 2016. Image stylists stylists sharply refused bright shades of red, pink, cherry, lip cosmetics with effects (sparkles, 3D volume, metallic flicker). The absolute leaders were natural colors: beige-pink, lilac-beige, delicate peach-pink, powdery pink. The nudes shades of lipstick are mostly matte in texture, which again brings them closer to the natural female image, makes the lips expressive and at the same time not flashy. Restrained sexuality is a definition that fits the direction of nudes. The palette helps to reveal the virtues and does it delicately, intelligently.

You can follow the same beauty rules. Feel free to buy your favorite nudes lipsticks. But not thoughtlessly, but given his type of appearance, the shade of hair, skin, eyes.

Choosing the best nudes lipstick

The quality of the make-up, the final image that you can change with lipstick, depends on cosmetics. Apply a deep scarlet lipstick on your lips, and then a calm beige-pink. The face will change in seconds. And the point is not whether you are going red or not. Nude has a special magic, makes it look cozy, gives tenderness, softness, airiness. But in order for the beauty effect to be expected, you need to find your best lipstick nude. One of the important factors is hair color.

Blondes. girls with fair hair should avoid the dark palette. The best option, which is suitable for almost all blondes, is light pink, beige-lilac, powdery skin tones, peach, salmon. If the hair is closer to the golden color, lipstick can be chosen in a reddish tint (actual – muted light brick). Young ladies with ashy hair stylists recommend giving preference to various interpretations of pink and light lilac.

Brunettes and brown-haired women. Girls with dark hair can go into a dark nude range. Flesh-cherry, light plum, lilac, light brick, muted coral, terracotta, as well as a trendy and beautiful mix of chocolate and pink. Love the experiments – buy two tones and mix them on your lips. The hue will turn out more interesting and expressive than in the usual mono performance.

Redheads. Young ladies with fiery hair will suit lipsticks in a rich nude range, with bronze tones, shades of golden autumn. Permissible effects are mother of pearl, small shimmer.

7 secrets of makeup with nudes lipstick

Now about the main thing – a make-up with nudes lipstick, which becomes a magic wand in the hands of makeup artists. Not so complicated as it might seem. Following professional advice, a worthy beauty effect can be achieved independently, at a home mirror.

  • Before applying nudes lipstick, moisturize your lips. Do this in advance, 15 minutes before makeup. Heavily cracked skin requires intensive nutrition, 15 minutes will not be enough. Apply a balm for the night, and in the morning the peeling will disappear. Be careful with the matte texture – it emphasizes even the most minor bumps in the skin.
  • You can peel dry skin in two simple ways. The first – with the help of adhesive tape: stick a strip on the lips and carefully remove. The second – with a toothbrush: with dry bristles, we conduct along the surface of the lips, removing small peeling.
  • Apply the base – primer. This tool prepares lips for applying makeup, smoothes the surface, fills cracks and micro-wrinkles, removes the feeling of tightness of the skin, holds nude lipstick well, and protects against spreading.
  • Use a pencil. He beautifully draws the shape, adjusting the lines and increasing the volume of the lips. Consider the important rule: the color of the pencil should be the tone of the tone of the lipstick, otherwise it will be noticeable.
  • Do not forget about the highlighter. This tool is used not only for contouring, it is also applicable on the lips. Designate the light areas in the upper checkmark and in the center of the lower lip, gently blend. you can apply lipstick. This technique visually increases the volume, gives sensuality.
  • Pick the blush for the color of lipstick. It looks organically, complements the overall coloring of makeup, makes the image holistic, harmonious.
  • The main rule of nude lipstick is the difference in two tones with a natural shade. If the amplitude of the palette jumps above or below, the color ceases to be nude.
Nudes Lipstick

We form a cosmetic bag. Rating of the best nude lipsticks

Finding the right color doesn’t mean guessing with lipstick. Often the shade, getting on the lips mutates, the nude lipstick does not lie uniformly or spreads, it smells unpleasant or too strong. All these are the characteristics of low-quality cosmetics. We will help you make the right choice. Made up the top 5 lipsticks that are recommended for use by professional makeup artists. The rating shows the funds that you can buy in ordinary stores, without reference to professional markets.

Lipstick-Pencil NYX Simply Nude

This cosmetic product is made in the form of a pencil. It is very convenient to apply on the lips and evenly blend, adjust the contours, make the ombre effect. In addition to the decorative effect, this nude lipstick has good moisturizing properties. Dry skin becomes soft, peeling is smoothed. NYX Simply Nude has a fairly dense consistency that allows you to apply nude lipstick in one layer, without additional color saturation. The manufacturer offers a palette of six nude shades. The price ranges from 500 to 600 rubles.

Maybelline Matte Nude

Manufacturer – United States of America. The lineup represents all the shades needed to create a natural look that can be matched to any color type. The texture is matte, without splashes of shimmer and glossy shine. The only negative is insufficient hydration, not suitable for dry skin of the lips. If you liked the color and texture, buy an additional balm, apply it on your lips 15 minutes before makeup. The cost of the tool is about 400 rubles.

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PUPA Miss Velvet Matt

This lipstick has a luxurious velvet effect. After application, the lips become velor. But, which is typical of most matting lipsticks, it slightly dries out the skin, emphasizes wrinkles and small flaws. One of the benefits of PUPA Miss Velvet Matt is its visual increase in volume. To get this result, make-up artists recommend using pencils – give them a contour and then apply lipstick. Also on the list of advantages is the high resistance of the product. The price is in the range of 500-600 rubles.

Nudes Lipstick

MAC Amplified Creme

This legendary cosmetic brand again pleases modern women with a quality beauty product. The assortment portfolio of lipsticks is complemented by beautiful nudes shades that are ideal for blondes and brunettes. Means are made of high quality materials, have high durability, dense and at the same time soft consistency. Smoothly and saturatedly lay in one layer, overlapping the natural pigment. Nourishes and moisturizes the lips, creates a beautiful texture, imperceptibly filling the bumps and defects of the skin. But for high quality, as a rule, the price is above the average. 

Bobbi Brown Smokey Nudes

This brand is one of the cosmetic giants of the world beauty industry. Smokey Nudes lipstick collection has once again strengthened Bobbi Brown’s reputation. The palette is presented in beautiful nude shades that can be used in various makeup colors. The range is created taking into account female color types, for blondes, brunettes, brown-haired women, fair-skinned and dark-skinned. You will find your option without difficulty. The cost of lipstick is high – about 1800, but you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality.

Nudes Lipstick

To summarize

A trend in cosmetics allows you to create beautiful, natural looks. For the day make-up – lipstick of a flesh-pink hue, beige eyeshadow, natural tone of the blush to match the skin color, neat shape of the eyebrows. And go ahead to conquer new heights! If you want to create an actual evening look, stick to the nude palette for your lips, but your eyes can be made brighter, more expressive. Matte body lipstick goes well with smoky eyes. As one of the golden rules of makeup says, the emphasis should be on one thing.

Choose nudes lipstick from a reliable manufacturer, a brand that has established itself in the beauty market. Read reviews, consult with a familiar stylist, image maker, who will help you choose the right tone and brand. The correct nudes lipstick deserves the status of a queen of cosmetic bags. Always needed, in demand in any situation.