My Eyeliner Always Smudges

The delineator of eyes is a cosmetic that helps us to frame the look and enhance its appeal either with a more natural look or a thicker and defined path. Even so, just as it helps us to be beautiful, factors such as misuse of the eyeliner, sweating or the temperature of the environment can ruin our makeup and lead to the appearance of spots under the eyes that are not very favorable. If you want to be perfect and with impeccable makeup for longer, pay attention to the advice in this article about how to prevent the eyeliner from running.

Steps to follow:
1. The waterproof eyeliners offer a much more durable makeup and are ideal to prevent the eyeliner from running due to sweating or moisture. Choose waterproof products of good quality and you can keep your eye makeup intact practically 24 hours a day.
2. Too much sebum or fat on the face is one of the main aspects that can make the eyeliner run easily. Wash your face and prepare the skin before starting to outline your eyes. It is preferable to apply the eyeliner after having unified the skin tone with a makeup base and translucent powders.
3. A very precious trick to prevent the eyelid of the upper eyelid from running quickly, is to apply a little pre-base for eye shadows on the entire mobile eyelid just before starting profiling. With this product, you will ensure that the eye makeup is well fixed and stays in perfect condition for longer. Try also to make the eyeliner always on top of the shadows and not vice versa.
4. Once you have outlined your eyes you can also reapply some translucent powder on the eyeliner you have used. In the event that you do not have these powders, another great option is to seal the eyeliner by applying on it an eye shadow of the same or a similar tone. To do it with excellent precision you will need an angled brush. Try it and see how it works!
5. Another technique to prevent the eyeliner from running is that at the time of applying concealer in the area of ​​dark circles leave just the area in which you are going to apply the eyeliner. Then, put some translucent powder on the eyeliner so that it is well fixed and ready!