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you like to wear make-up but the terms “primer”, “concealer” don’t mean much to you? Do you confuse base and foundation? Well, you are not alone. Many of us find ourselves lost in the makeup terminology as the supply is large. If you are a beginner, this little vocabulary will allow you to familiarize yourself with the world of make-up which will no longer have any secrets for you.


Primer   –   Base
Makeup Base   –   Makeup Base
Matte cream / anti-shine cream   –    mattifying base
Corrective foundation   –   proofreader Base
Foundation   –   Makeup
Compact / liquid / Mineral Foundation   –   Compact foundation / fluid (liquid) / Mineral
Foundation case   –   Powder foundation box   –   Powder compact powder   –   Poudrier BB cream / CC cream   –   BB crème / CC crème (Oil-) blotting sheets   –

Paper / leaf matting
Self-tanner, Self-tanning cream   –   Self Tanning
Concealer   –   Concealer / Concealer
Bronzer   –   Bronzer
Blush   –   Blush (or blush)
Highlight (or illuminator or luminizer )   –   Illuminator
Fix makeup   –   Fixer makeup


Pencil   –   Pencil
Long-wear eye pencil   –   Pencil Long Lasting Eye
Kohl pencil   –   pencil kohl
eyeliner   –   eyeliner (or liner in other Francophone countries)
Pencil eyeliner   –   pencil eyeliner
Liquid Liner   –   Eyeliner liquid
Cream Liner   –   Eyeliner in cream (jar)
Gel eye liner   –   Eye liner in gel
Stick eye liner   –   Eye liner in stick
Cake eye liner   –   Eye liner in cake
Retractable waterproof eye liner   –   Eyeliner waterproof retractable
Glitter Liner   –   Eyeliner Glitter
Palette   –   Palette
Eyeshadows    –   Eyeshadows
Eyeshadows pencil   –   Pencil Eyeshadow
Base Shadow   –   Eyeshadow Base
Cake Mascara   –   Mascara Cake
Mascara   –   Mascara
for High Definition Mascara   –   Mascara high definition
Waterproof Mascara   –   Waterproof mascara
(False / Fake) Eye lashes   – ( false) eyelashes
Eyebrow pencil   –   Eyebrow Pencil
Eyebrow mascara   –   Mascara Eyebrow
Fixing wax    –   fixing Wax


Lip primer   –   Base Lip
Lip balm   –   Lip Balm
Lip care   –   Lip Care
Lipstick   –   Lipstick
Lip marker   –   Lipstain
Lip plumper   –   Repulpeur lips
Lip Stain   –   Ink Lip
Lip Liner   –   Lip Pencil
Gloss   –   Lip gloss (or gloss)


Nail polish   –   Nail polish
base coat / top coat   –   nail polish Base (put forward) and top coat (varnish to put after the varnish to fix, etc.)
Gel coat   –   Top coat thicker gel effect , false nails effect
Shine Top coat   –   Top coat gloss
Matte Top coat   –   Top coat mattifying
nail patches    –   patches for nails


Cleansing Make-up / Make-up remover   –   Cleansing (name)
Make-up Removing   –   Cleansing (adj.)
Cleanser   –   Product remover
Gentle make-up Removing / cleanser (for sensitive eyes ) –   Soft Cleanser (for sensitive eyes )
Eye make-up / make-up / cleanser remover   –   Eye makeup remover
Purifying make-up removing cleanser   –   Purifying makeup remover
Dual-phase liquid cleanser   –   Two-phase makeup remover
Make-up remov (ing / ed) oil   –   Cleansing oil
Cleansing Milk / Lotion, Make-up Removing Milk    –   Milk Cleanser
Cleansing cream   –   Cleansing Cream
Cleansing Gel   –   Gel Cleanser
Cleansing lotion   –   Lotion Cleanser
Cleansing Foam   –   Foam Cleanser
Makeup Remover Wipes   –   Cleansing Wipes
Nail polish remover   –   remover


Cotton   –   Cotton
Make-up / Make-up remover pad, Cotton pads    –   Disc / Cotton Cleansing
Wipes / Wipers   –   Wipes
Make-up Removing Wipes, Make-up remover cleanser tissues    –   Cleansing Wipes
Make-up remover wipes, Demake-up wipes , Cloth make-up remover pads    –   Cotton bud® (UK), Q-tip® (US) Make-up remover wipes   –   Coton-Tige ® Cotton bud (UK, Australia), cotton swab (US), ear bud (UK, South Africa )   –   Cotton swab

Cleansing sponges   –   Sponge Cleansing
Sponge   –   Sponge
(Pencil) Sharpener, Double sharpener    –   sharpener Double sharpener
Eyelash Curler (heating)   –   Eyelash curler
False eyelashes paste   –   eyelash glue
Blemish Extractor   –   Tire-comedo
Cleansing brush   –   cleaning brush
massage brush   –   brush massage
Tweezer   –   Tweezers
eyebrow Razor   –   Razor eyebrow
Shaver   –   Razor
Eyebrow trimmer brush   –   Mower eyebrows
Compact mirror   –   Pocket mirror
Cuticle nipper   –   Cutter Cuticle
Scissors   –   Scissors
Nail file   –   Nail File
Buffer   –   Buffer
Nail polish corrector   –   varnish Corrector
Nail clipper   –   nail clippers
toe nail clipper –   breaker nails feet
nail / cuticle pusher   –   Repels cuticle
universal atomizer   –   Spray universal (perfume, etc.)
Make-up bag   –   Train case makeup bag   –   Box


Foundation brush   –   foundation Brush
Liquid foundation brush    –   liquid foundation Brush
Powder Foundation Brush   –   foundation brush powder
Powder brush   –   Brush powder
Mineral powder brush   –   Brush mineral powder
Kabuki     –   Kabuki
Precision face brush   –   Precision face
brush Airbrush brush   –   Airbrush (smooth, even, while keeping lightness and naturalness)
Fan brush   –
Blender / Blending brush fan brush   –   Concealer brush blender
brush   –     Blush brush concealer
brush   –   Blush brush (blush)
Angled blush brush   –   Blush brush (blush)
Contour brush   –   Contouring sculpting
foundation brush   –   Sculpting brush Bronzer brush   –   Brush tan Highlight (ing / st) brush, brush Illuminating   –   Brush illuminator EYE BRUSH   –   BRUSH EYE eyeliner, cream eyeliner, Gel liner brush, 

(angled) liner brush   –   eyeliner brush
Smoky eyesbrush   –   Brush smoky eyes (smoky eyes = smoky eye)
Angled cut brush   –   Brush
Smudger smudge brush   – P inceau soft-focus
Eye shadow brush,  powder / cream shadow brush   –   Brush eyeshadows , brush for eye shadow powder / cream
Pencil brush   –   pencil brush
precision brush   –   Brush precision
Crease brush   –   Brush crease (= crease hollow: the folds between the movable lid and the stationary lid)
Blender shadow blending, blending cream   –   Blending Brush Brow Brush   –   Brush eyebrows Eyelashes brush   –   Lash Brush Lip pencil – Lip Brush 

There are also other less common types and terms for qualifying brushes:
Natural (hair make-up) brush  – Natural
Synthetic (hair make-up) brush  – 
Pinceau (de Make-up in bristles) synthetic
double-ended, double side brush – 
dual brush tip
Retractable  –

And much more…

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What is a make-up artist?

A make-up artist is a makeup professional. He works as a makeup artist on television, in the cinema, in parades and at various professional and private events. The professional makeup artist can work for a structure or exercise on his own account. The profession is accessible via training provided by structures that teach the techniques of use.

What is a primer?- 

A primer is a cream, spray or lotion applied before another cosmetic product (often foundation), hence the name “foundation” in order to improve the hold of your makeup. It also helps tighten pores, reduce imperfections, mattify oily skin, smooth fine lines or bring a radiance to the face. The base or primer is used before any other make-up product, it serves as a protective barrier between it and the skin.

The concealer makeup terminology

The Concealer in English is intended to correct certain small imperfections such as redness, dark spots and even dark circles. It is comparable to foundation in terms of its usefulness. However, instead of applying to the entire face, it is only applied to the areas to be camouflaged for a more natural effect. If a foundation is used, the corrector is applied before, if it is powdered or after if it is liquid. There are sometimes 2 in 1 products, both concealer and foundation or concealer and concealer.

Loose, translucent, mineral and compact powder, what difference

Powder is one of the most popular makeup products. Where it gets complicated is when you enter specifications such as “loose powder”, “compact powder” etc.

Primarily intended for touch-ups, the compact powder comes in a thick, compact form. It fits easily in its bag thanks to its presentation in a box and is used with a puff (sponge), while the light and dry loose powder is applied with a brush for a natural effect. A true ally for oily skin and when you want a light complexion, loose powder is also more volatile and spills more easily.

Big trend of the moment, the mineral powder is 100% natural, hypoallergenic and composed of minerals. The translucent powder meanwhile, once reserved for professional makeup artists, has gradually democratized. Transparent, it can be used on all skin tones and is most often in free form even if you find it a few times in compact format.

What exactly is BB cream and CC cream? makeup terminology

BB of “Blemish Balm” (anti-imperfection balm) is an all-in-one product whose goal is to provide us with a flawless complexion thanks to a single product. It brightens, corrects, hydrates and protects the skin. In short, it is both a treatment and a foundation that adapts to your natural complexion.

As for CC cream , it is another product with super powers in the same wake as BB cream. The “Color Control cream” is a base for controlling the color of the complexion (spots, irregularities, etc.). To put it simply, it is a more fluid BB cream that unifies but much better! There are even DD (Daily Defense) creams that incorporate more sun protection than the first.


What do we do with an illuminator? makeup terminology

Among the products intended to give a boost to the radiance of the complexion, the illuminator is one of the most popular. Its purpose is to bring light to your face which it illuminates in its entirety while giving it a natural appearance.

But then what is the highliter? makeup terminology

The highliter is one of the latest in beauty products. It has almost the same function as the illuminator with the difference that it acts on localized areas and not on the whole face. If you want to highlight certain parts of your face during your conturings, this is the product for you.

What about the fixer? makeup terminology

This product with an evocative name is used to hold makeup, to “fix” your lipstick, your eyeshadow and your powder. It would indeed be a shame to apply to have a perfect complexion and find yourself an hour later with a tired look or a runny makeup. So by serving as a barrier between your skin and heat, dust or even ambient humidity, the fixer helps to prolong your make-up. It is most often available as a spray, but it also exists in the form of a gel or cream for more targeted use.

What is a blush? makeup terminology

Also called blush, blush is a kind of blush that is used to color the cheekbones after all the stages of make-up. It comes in a powder, cream, liquid or gel texture and is available in different shades. It is used to hollow out the cheeks or on the contrary to round them among others.

And what about eyeliner? makeup terminology

To enlarge or lengthen the eye, to emphasize the look or display a doe eye, nothing better than a line of eyeliner. In the form of a tracer pencil, of liquid in bottle presentation with a small applicator brush, the eyeliner is placed on the eyelid.

After an overview on this makeup terminology, you should no longer feel lost now. Are there other products you would like to know about the usefulness of? If so, write to us!

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