Makeup Remover For Eyes And Face

Hello friends of Pebble! Today we are going to break down a cosmetic product that has become an essential: makeup remover for eyes and face. It is the first step of our facial routine, since it cleanses our skin and prepares it for the subsequent steps. So we will know all its secrets:

  • Facial makeup removers, are they essential?
  • Types of makeup removers
  • The best makeup remover products

Let’s start!

Facial makeup removers, are they essential?

At night, when we sleep, the tissues of the face regenerate and the dead cells come off. Makeup clogs the pores of the skin, preventing this process from taking place.

We can not forget to remove makeup when we get home, as this will make a difference to our skin. If we don’t, this can wreak havoc over time.

That is why the facial cleansing routine has become an essential ritual both day and night . The first step is to clean the skin, since with this we prevent wrinkles, we oxygenate, we provide luminosity and reduce the signs of fatigue and tiredness.

In addition to regenerating and preventing, they do not cause irritation and are very efficient: they remove makeup easily, so that there is no trace of product on the skin.

Where do we start? Normally, make-up removers are suitable for all parts of the face, although sometimes we find them differentiated by area.

First, we must start with the eyes, the most sensitive part and sometimes the one with the most makeup. That’s why you should be careful when applying the make-up remover: don’t rub too much to avoid irritating the skin.

Then it continues on the rest of the face and finally ends with the lips.

The way of use will depend in part on the characteristics of each product. Then we will see all the possibilities that the world of makeup removers offers us.

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Types of makeup removers

Being an essential step in the facial routine, all cosmetic brands have devised different types of makeup removers, designed for different skin types and specific needs.

Let’s see them separately:

  • Cleansing milk. It is ideal for dry or sensitive skin, since it does not dry out and hydrates deeply. It is light but at the same time more dense than other makeup removers. We can apply it with our hands over the entire face or with a make-up remover, and then remove. If you have oily or combination skin, this will not be the best option, since it can produce more shine and fat.
  • Makeup remover balm. In cream format, it is usually designed to calm the most sensitive skin and provide hydration in dry ones. Like cleansing milk, it is not the most recommended product if you have oily or combination skin. Apply it with your hands all over your face and remove the product with a make-up remover. It is highly recommended to remove the color of waterproof liquid lipsticks.
  • Cleansing gel . With this type of makeup remover we will be able to clean thoroughly, and it is ideal for combination and oily skin, since it decongests pores and removes excess oil. In addition, it has antiseptic properties. We will apply it with our hands, using gentle circular movements, or with a cleaning brush, to distribute it better. Then rinse your face with cold or warm water.
  • Micellar water. It is one of the most popularized options today, since there are versions for all skin types. Deep cleanses without damaging the skin. It is a very easy to use aqueous solution, since it removes all dirt and has a very refreshing feeling. For waterproof makeup, we find biphasic micellar waters (mixture of water and oil), which are specific to effectively eliminate this type of product.
  • Cleansing wipes. The easiest and most express way to remove makeup. There are numerous types, and the formulas have changed for the better: they no longer dry out or harm our skin. They are ideal if you do not want to spend a lot of time on removing makeup and very comfortable to take on the road or in your bag. We find them specific for each type of skin.

The best makeup remover products

Now that you know all the options there are, let’s see the products you cannot miss:

  • Garnier All-In-One Micellar Water. Its pink cap is already known in any beauty routine. Removes make-up, cleanses and tones, and is suitable for all skin types, also with a very affordable price, which makes it essential in any toiletry bag. It also incorporates moisturizing milk in its other version, for dry and sensitive skin.

makeup remover for eyes and face

  • Biphasic Micellar Water, from L’oreal Paris. Special to remove waterproof makeup, thanks to its double formula with oil and water. Special for sensitive skin.

makeup remover for eyes and face

  • Cleansing cleansing milk from Madara. Cleanses and hydrates the skin with natural ingredients such as oats, linden blossom, marigold and plantain.

makeup remover for eyes and face

  • Anti-stain cleansing milk, from Bella Aurora. Quickly absorbs and calms skin irritation, leaving it soft. Suitable for all skin types.

makeup remover for eyes and face

  • Delicate Flowers make-up remover balm, by L’oreal Paris. Deeply cleanses and removes makeup residues without damaging or drying out facial skin. You will not be able to resist its creamy texture that provides greater comfort and softness.

make-up removers

  • Aloe Vera Makeup Remover Wipes from Babaria. Removes all makeup, leaving no residue, avoiding irritations and maintaining skin hydration.

make-up removers

  • Purifiying gel, by Kueshi. It contains extracts of aloe vera and chamomile that calm the skin, and also controls excess oil to achieve smooth and renewed skin.

make-up removers

  • Garnier Bio detox cleansing gel. A refreshing gel for normal and combination skin formulated with organic Citronella essential oil, known for its purifying properties; with Cornflower flower, also organic; botanical glycerin and a 100% natural herbal fragrance.

make-up removers

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