Makeup For Downturned Eyes

Eye Makeup For Downturned Eyes

Makeup For Downturned Eyes Through a kind of “contouring” of the eye, you can counteract its shape to balance the proportions and achieve a more flattering appearance

Fallen eyes are those eyes whose fixed eyelid (the one that is next to the eyebrow) largely covers the mobile eyelid (the one that is under the crease. That is why they are also known as overcast eyelids. It is a condition that does not It has to be linked to age, although over the years, the eyelids tend to decline in this way, but many young women also have this type of eye.

How should you put on makeup if your eyelid is down? Since it is an eye with peculiar proportions, the idea is to counteract with its makeup its natural form to achieve that it resembles as much as possible an almond eye (the most balanced and proportionate form). In short, it would be a kind of “contouring” of the eye to raise it and counteract that downward trend.

Here is what you should and should not do if you want to get a flattering look that attenuates that overcast eyelid:

How To Lift Downturned Eyes?

Makeup For Downturned Eyes

1. Do not artificially lengthen your eyebrows , especially if this involves extending them down. Maintain the natural shape of the eyebrow, without extending it downwards or making it longer than it is.

2. Do not apply highlighter under the entire eyebrow , especially if your mobile eyelid is not too wide in height. Otherwise, you run the risk of drawing attention to the part of the eyelid where the fall is most pronounced. And what you want to achieve is just the opposite. What you should do is apply the illuminator carefully under the final part of the eyebrow, so that you do not invade the banana area.

3. Do not forget to apply makeup base, concealer or prebase of eyes to mitigate as much as possible the true shape of your eyes and to create a more flattering makeup. You can also use a neutral eye shadow to do this. Thus, by unifying the tone of the upper eyelid, you will have the possibility to recreate the shape and raise the crease above the natural one, using a dark shadow. In this way you will be able to raise your eyes and counteract sagging eyes.

4. Delve into the external “V” of the eye : it is about obscuring the corner of the corner of the eye, which is the one in which the eyelid fall is usually marked. That way we will give depth through a dark shadow , getting it to rise and lengthen. In this step it is important to blur the product well and work well the contours and transitions so that they are smooth. For this it is necessary to have an eye brush to mix (of those with long and soft hair), which allows us to blur based on passes.

5. To complete eye makeup you must apply a lighter shadow on the remaining area of the mobile eyelid . You can add a touch of bright eyeshadow in the middle, either the same light shade or an intermediate one that makes the transition between the external “V” and the tear.

A Strategic Outline

1. Do not resort to a thick eyeliner with a very sharp corner. The thick eyeliner will only hide most of your mobile eyelid (so the effect of the contrast of shadows that you have worked would be useless). Instead, opt for a “tightlinig” eyeliner under the lower lashes.

2. Do not apply dark eyeliner under the lower lashes, as you will only make the eye look smaller and droopy. Instead, to frame the look, use the dark eye shadow that you have applied on the outer “V” to mark the first third under the lower lashes. Do not forget to blur well so that the effect is subtle. Thus the eye will be marked, but with a not so hardened expression.

3. If you decide to use false eyelashes , avoid the most rigid and artificial ones and opt for individual eyelashes or a light and flexible complete strip, so that it adapts naturally to your line of eyelashes.

Makeup Cut Crease Downturned Eyes

Follow these steps and keep in mind that the way to verify that the eye is left with the desired shape is always with the eye open.

If you prefer to emphasize the “cut crease” effect with the shadows you can take the darkest from the “V” to the tear area , as if drawing a crescent. The central area would continue to be reserved for a lighter shade to achieve a flattering effect.

In this type of makeup, it is important not to lose the lighting under the eyebrow, avoiding staining it with the dark shadow. It will be that contrast that will give meaning to the cut of the crease that we have simulated with dark eye shadows.

If we are putting on an Asian-type eye, in which the mobile eyelid disappears under the crease when opening the eyes, we can highlight it with the help of a fluid eye concealer. It is enough that we apply it in the central area of the eyelid, respecting the cut of the banana we have created. Then, we will only have to apply light shadows (if desired, with “shimmer”) to illuminate and achieve a flattering contrast.

In all this makeup, it is important to blur the transitions between dark and light shadow to make the result as natural as possible.