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Hello friends of Pebble! Today we are going to talk about the makeup fixer use. If you want your makeup to last many hours and remain intact, then you will love this product. Let’s learn a little more about him …

  • makeup fixer use, what is it for?
  • How to use fixing spray: tricks and tutorials
  • The best makeup fixatives

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Makeup fixer Use, what is it for?

Surely many times you have had to touch up your makeup in a matter of hours. There are many factors that influence makeup to last more or less, but it is inevitable that it will wear away.

The makeup fixer or ‘setting spray’ in English, was born to avoid these situations. It is a spray that is used as a ‘lacquer’ for the face, since it manages to fix it on the skin so that it is impeccable regardless of the passage of hours.

In addition, makeup fixer use is to refresh the face and provide hydration to the skin, which will prevent makeup from cracking.

If you have a special event or you are going to be away from home for many hours, this product will surely save your makeup ????

What can the fixative do on our face? Prevents the appearance of shine , fights the ravages of sweat, prevents the loss of the foundation and ends with dryness. A marvel!

How to use fixing spray: tricks and tutorials

The way of applying the makeup fixative is very simple, it is used in the same way as the lacquer. Being a spray, you only have to use the applicator in several touches, about 20-30 cm from the face, with the arm extended and keeping the mouth and eyes closed. The direction of the application can be in ‘X’ or in ‘T’ .

You must remember that it is the last product to use, so you should not apply it until you have completely finished your makeup .

Avoid rubbing once you apply the spray, let it dry for a few minutes, until it is not noticeable.

Interesting tricks:

If you want to innovate, here are some very interesting tricks:

  • Apply the spray on a sponge or brush . With this we will make the foundation (powder or cream) glide more easily on the face and be applied better to problem areas, such as the fins of the nose or the hair root.
  • We can repeat the action on the eye brushes . If you do not have a shadow primer on hand, this can be a good option so that they are better attached to the eyelid and do not come off.
  • Instead of retouching your makeup, you can reuse the fixer during the day . But you must be careful if your skin is oily.

The type of skin that we have also greatly influences the fixative that we must use. Most sprays contain alcohol, so it is not highly recommended for sensitive skin. Keep in mind that it is not recommended to use it daily, since in the long term it can dry out the skin.

Luckily, brands have developed different types of setting sprays , designed for each skin. If you have combination skin with an oily tendency, your ideal fixative should contain a formula with polymers that seal the makeup and prevent the appearance of shine.

For dry skin, choose a formula with glycerin, to keep the skin moisturized, preventing it from cracking.

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The best makeup fixatives

  • Instant Matt by Essence. 3.79 euros. Matifying effect, ideal for oily or combination skin.

makeup fixer

  • The Fixer by w7 . 2.18 euros. Very economical and with a long-lasting effect.

makeup fixer

  • Prime and Fine Longlasting, by Catrice . 5.19 euros. Multipurpose: you can use it to prepare the skin, prolong the makeup and refresh the complexion. Ideal to carry in your bag!

  • Pro Fix Oil Control by Makeup Revolution. 6.45 euros. Control shine, without leaving spots or drying out the skin.

makeup fixer

  • LA Girl’s Pro Setting . 6.99 euros. Long lasting and with a translucent effect, you will not notice that you are wearing it.

makeup fixer

  • Makeup Mist by Lily Lolo . 13.70 euros. Free of parabens and abrasive chemicals, suitable for vegans and celiacs, with aloe vera, panthenol and green tea extract.

makeup fixer

  • Make it Dewy, by Milani. 11.99 euros. 16 hours long, you can use it as a primer or fixer thanks to its moisturizing and illuminating properties.

makeup fixer

  • Fix Make up, by Clarins . 25.88 euros. It mattifies the complexion and makes the makeup intact, in addition to hydrating and refreshing.

So far our recommendations on makeup fixer use!

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