Liquid Eyeliner vs. Pencil Eyeliner

both day and night makeup, the stroke in the eyes is capable of transforming the face. And the pencil and eyeliner are your allies to achieve the most varied effects on makeup.

Liquid Eyeliner

Quick drying, easy application and precise stroke are just some of the characteristics of the pencil eyeliner.
As the product dries almost immediately after application, the possibility of erasing or ruining the makeup is practically nil, which gives a practicality bonus. Not to mention that the pencil eyeliner is easier to apply than the one who still does not master the path.
Another positive point is the possibility of making a very fine line. This feature allows to increase the possibility in the layout, which can range from classic to contemporary geometric.

To hit the eyeliner line, start at the outer ends and apply the product, little by little, near the root of the upper eyelashes. To make no mistake, tip your head slightly back and then push the stroke up or to the sides.
And how about being more daring? It is possible to make strokes with different tones in the upper and lower eyelids, such as black on top and blue next to the tabs below, on the outside.
Also make different points: square, short, long, double. You can do everything! And if it was not perfect, do not despair. Easily fix it by passing flexible wands with a little base.

Pencil Eyeliner

The main advantage of the eye pencil is its double function: to delineate and to flush. It is possible to enhance the look with a precise stroke or with a faded effect. The product has different presentations.

Kajal, for example, has high pigmentation and provides intense black. Already the pencil with long duration leaves you carefree in relation to the duration of makeup.
Finally, the eyeliner with a sponge to fade facilitates the application when making that daring and faded eye, which we adore.

Different from the eyeliner, the eye pencil can be incorporated into a second product, such as a colored shadow. In this case, you should apply the shadow on the mobile part of the eyelid and, above, the eyeliner in the color you want. Finally, combine the two textures – the dust of the shadow and the creaminess of the pencil – with the fingertips. The result is a mixture of colors and textures, which can be both classic black, a green or a violet from the Una Artisan collection.
The black pencil can be used in all skin tones and eye colors. Foamy or not, the color goes well in several situations. One tip so that the color of the pencil is more marked – and that the makeup lasts longer – is to apply a shadow, of the same color, with an angular brush.

Specialist’s advice
Eye pencil, kajal pencil, gel eyeliner, pencil eyeliner, liquid eyeliner … There are hundreds of eye makeup options.
But in the end, how do you know which is the best type for you? According to the official makeup artist, despite the differences between each of them, personal taste is what counts most when deciding which product to apply.