Lip Makeup

Lip makeup – one of the accents of female appearance, the most sensual, sexual part of the face. Pay attention to the work of professional makeup artists. Lips are always given special attention. And here it is not only about color. Creating the perfect form and texture, make-up artists take into account many subtleties and beauty nuances. We will introduce you to the basic rules of lip makeup, following which you will be able to make sexy lips. The content of the article is about lip makeup:

10 tricks of a professional lip makeup


  • Concealer – a magic wand in the hands of a make-up artist, with the help of which lips change their shape, become more voluminous and expressive. The concealer should be imperceptible, so do not climb much behind the natural outline of the lips in lip makeup. Lead a line indented in millimeters. Lipstick color choose an identical contour. 
  • Double layer. This technique is used by all professionals. So the make-up lasts longer, the color becomes more saturated. Apply lipstick on your lips and pat it with a dry cloth, then the final layer.
  • And, we give resistance to powder. We act on the principle of a double layer described above, only one more stage appears – powder coating. We paint our lips with lipstick, blot with a napkin, gently powder with a special sponge, remove excess and apply the top coat with lipstick.  

Easier tricks

  • To give volume to the upper lip, draw the letter “x” with a pencil or concealer in the color of lipstick. Apply lipstick or gloss on top, without climbing over the contours.
  • The best way to correct blurry lips or a disproportionate form is the same concealer. Do not rub the contour with a napkin or cotton swab (traces will remain, fibers will stick to the lips). It is enough to draw a straight line along the edge of the concealer, and the lips will again find the desired shape.
  • Gradient make-up. If you want to make beautiful shades in shades – use several tones of lipstick. Or use a light pencil: shade the central part (this technique adds volume) and cover with gloss or not very dense lipstick on top.
  • The sharpest is the outline made with a pencil. But in order for the form to look natural, the lines need to be shaded from the outer edge to the center. And on top – lipstick or shine a tone darker than a pencil.
  • Do not apply thick lipstick on flaky lips – you will see all the flaws, uneven texture. First prepare your lips for lip makeup- remove dry skin with an eyebrow brush.
  • Moisturize your lips. Apply a nutritious vitamin balm or hygienic lipstick at night. So the skin will be soft, smooth and healthy.
  • Store lipstick in the refrigerator. It contains components that at room temperature can change their structure and deteriorate. At subzero temperatures, the lipstick acquires an ideal consistency and is applied in a uniform even layer.

How to choose lipstick color

Lipstick, like other decorative cosmetics, should be selected in accordance with the style of the make-up, its purpose, situationality and, above all, with an orientation toward the color type of appearance. For autumn, winter, spring and summer women, the appropriate palette is suitable. A professional stylist will quickly pick up the perfect shade, take into account its combination with other elements of makeup.

What every woman should know in choosing the color of lipstick:

  • If you want to shift the emphasis from lips to eyes – use light colors, translucent gloss. Bright lipstick draws attention to itself, drowns out other details of the make-up.
  • If you have thin lips, use natural lipsticks in bright colors. Nude is relevant today, use it! Remember that bright and dark tones visually make the shape smaller, narrow the contours.
  • Lipsticks of bright colors with a dense texture emphasize all the defects in the texture of the lips. Not suitable for dry skin with peeling.
  • Women over 30 should prefer a calm light range.
  • It is not recommended to use a bright palette with pronounced lip asymmetry. Saturated shades emphasize the form, attract attention.
  • Light shades add volume to lips, especially in combination with gloss.
  • Observe the color of the image and make-up. Lipstick is selected in combination with other elements of the image. If cold tones prevail in the makeup, the lip makeup should be given synonymous shades.   
  • Be true to balance and don’t overdo it in color accents. Follow the classic formulas: bright eyes – bright lips; bright lips – a natural make-up of the eyes.

How to choose lipstick for hair color

 The eternal rivalry between brunettes and blondes continues in the choice of lipstick colors. So, for example, red is suitable in both cases, but in different shades. We will help you determine which one is the most suitable.

We give useful tips on how to choose the right lipstick for the shade of hair:

  • It is better for light-skinned blondes to avoid nuclear red – a shade will emphasize the whiteness of the skin, strongly contrast. Lips will become a vulgar bright spot on the face. Women of this type are better to prefer red in soothing colors, salmon, brick, pastel coral.
  • Brunettes with fair skin are also better off avoiding too bright a range. Red fans are advised to choose non-aggressive shades in pastels.
  • Universal type – brunettes and brown-haired women with dark skin. They can safely use all shades: dark, light, bright, natural. Do not forget to combine color with other elements of makeup.
  • Peach, pink, beige and lilac colors are ideal for autumn and spring color types. Mother of pearl, matte texture, glossy gloss – select the effect depending on the situation. Evening make-up – glossy radiance, daytime – textures close to natural.
  • Professionals recommend red-haired girls to use lipsticks and shines in brown shades, plum, burgundy, brick, coral colors.

We choose lipstick for skin color

As you already understood, the role is played not only by hair color. Dark-skinned and fair-skinned brunettes suit different shades of lipstick. Expand the palette in more detail. 

  • Dark-skinned girls can safely experiment with shades, apply both light and dark tones in the make-up: wine, burgundy, plum, scarlet, tomato, pomegranate, golden beige, plum coffee, cherry, terracotta, chocolate, caramel, all shades of brown fuchsia.
  • It is better for light-skinned young ladies to give preference to colors that will not strongly contrast with the tone of the face, otherwise your image will have only one bright spot – lips. Makeup artists recommend choosing lipsticks and shines of salmon, brick, pale pink, pink-lilac, beige-lilac, strawberry, pastel coral, peach, coffee with milk, lilac-brown hues.

Choosing lipstick in the store 

One of the women’s disappointments is lip makeup, which, once it gets home from the store, changes treacherously, changes its color. There is no magic in this, lighting is to blame. To choose the right tone, it is best to go with the tester to the window. So you will see the real color, without distortion. If you find yourself in a tricky shop without windows – apply lipstick on your brush and go outside. Yes, it’s not very convenient, but the choice will be right, error-free.

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Important tip: Do not apply lipstick tester on the lips! Before you, other people used it massively. The stores do not require medical certificates. Think about how many bacteria can accumulate on the surface of a seemingly harmless tester. And sores can be very serious. Limit yourself to applying lipstick on the fingertips and apply them to the lips – so you will understand your color or should you continue to choose.  

How to choose a quality lipstick

Choosing decorative cosmetics, you need to pay attention not only to color, texture and effects. One of the key points deciding the persistence and aesthetics of make-up is the quality of the beauty product. The lipstick of a bona fide manufacturer contains components that hold the texture perfectly, do not spread, do not mutate in color, are hypoallergenic and safe for health.

We give professional tips for choosing a worthy lipstickin lip makeup: 

  1. The first thing you should pay attention to is the lipstick case itself. Flawless, with easy scrolling.
  2. Look at the label: manufacturer, distributor, composition, description.
  3. The color of the lipstick is solid, without bleaching in the center or at the edges (one of the signs of an expired product).
  4. There should not be droplets of vapor on the surface. 
  5. The rod is even, smooth, with a dense, uniform texture.
  6. Good lipstick or does not smell at all, or has a delicate pleasant smell. Strong amber is one of the tricks of manufacturers, a sign of masking low-quality components.
  7. The composition should include plant components that do not cause allergies, are safe for health and perform two functions at once: they give the lips a color and look after their skin.

What color should be the perfect lipstick in lip makeup- a philosophical question. As we have already found out, the shade is selected individually, taking into account several characteristics of the appearance at once. When buying makeup, look at yourself in the mirror and imagine with a make-up in a new shade. Remember what palette prevails in your makeup bag. All elements of makeup should form a single harmonious ensemble. Stick to these beauty rules of lip makeup and be irresistible!