Lip Gloss Effect: Composition, Rules Of Use, Rating

Lip gloss effect is a good alternative to injection methods. Decorative cosmetics in this area appeared on the market relatively recently – just over 10 years ago. Manufacturers claim groundbreaking innovative technology and instant effect.

How it works

Xlips plumper balm

How can lips be enlarged with a cosmetic product? The secret is simple: the lip gloss contains natural or synthetic ingredients that can stimulate the skin. The active substances of these components, penetrating inside, accelerate the natural processes of blood microcirculation. As a result, due to blood flow, the volume of the lips increases, and the color becomes more saturated. The duration of the volume increase effect depends on the component that creates this same effect.

The main and undoubted advantage of cosmetics in this segment is the ability to enlarge the lips without painful surgical intervention. It is important to understand: the active substance can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, half an hour before application, it is advisable to conduct a test drive. To do this, lubricate the area on the wrist, and after 30 minutes, examine the condition of the skin.

Choose the basis

Glosses, balms, gels, lipsticks: which remedy is better? It is impossible to answer this question – everything is individual. But it is possible (and necessary!) To carefully study the qualitative characteristics of the main element that enhances the lips.

Cayenne pepper and cinnamon
  • Cinnamon. The popular spice is rich in minerals. It has everything you need to nourish and protect the skin: from essential oils to phosphorus. As for the effect of increasing the volume. According to reviews, it is insignificant and brief: the duration of the action is no more than a couple of hours.
  • Cayenne pepper. An interesting fact: in addition to stimulating blood circulation, it enriches the body with endorphins – hormones of happiness and removes toxins from the body. Cosmetic preparations with pepper can be applied only to absolutely healthy skin: without wounds and cracks.
Lip Gloss Effect
  • In terms of cosmetology, ginger is a unique product. Firstly, “Indian ginseng”, getting on the skin, enhances blood flow. Secondly, it promotes collagen production. Thus, ginger shine, combining these two priceless qualities, gives a deep lasting effect.
  • Menthol: Stimulates microcirculation, promoting blood flow during exposure. It smooths and tones the skin well. It removes inflammatory processes and removes toxins. Lip gloss with menthol visually increases and corrects the shape of the lips for two hours.
  • Glitter-plampera with a synthetic chemical element as an active agent. Amino acids and oligopeptides included in the structure of plamper act twice as fast and more actively than natural components.

How to use?

Lip Gloss Effect

In order to maximize the use of all the components that make up, use the advice of experienced cosmetologists, makeup artists.

  • Preliminary cleansing of the surface with a scrub will smooth wrinkles. The layer will lie evenly, the gloss will look more voluminous.
  • Add volume and light massage done just before application.
  • Use a primer as a base: its texture will help smooth out the remaining roughness of the relief.
  • Emphasize the outline with a nude pencil – this will not allow the contents of the balm to go beyond the outlined boundaries.

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Lip Gloss Popularity Rating

Lip Gloss Effect
  • Dior Lip Maximizer. Dior plamper with hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective drugs in this category. 90% of users definitely recommend it for use. Gives an even gloss of pinkish tint. Of the minuses – a rather long burning sensation. Durability – about two hours.Starlette Volume Activateur Collagene with 3D effect from L'Etoile
  • Eveline Volume LipExtreme is one of the best lip glosses. Gives a filler result without plastic surgery. In addition, it evens out and moisturizes the skin.Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish
  • Filler Instinct Plumping Lip Polish is an advertised new product from nyx cosmetic. Of the benefits – a comfortable applicator and a large selection of shades. A significant minus is poor performance.
  • Lip Injection too faced
  • Lip Injection (too faced). The consistency is quite sticky, but not sticky. In the list of components in the first place is capsicum frutescens resin – an extract of cayenne pepper. Transparent gel can be recommended as a natural filler, but at the same time take into account possible allergic reactions.Jane Iredale Just Kissed
  • Jane Iredale Just Kissed is the only shimmer shine balm with a stick. According to the durability of the layer, it can occupy an honorable 1st place in the popularity rating. The list of color lipstick-balm has 9 shades of different textures.