Korean Style Eyeliner

korean style eyeliner tutorial

Giving the eyes a unique and original style is for many women something they have always dreamed of.

This is currently possible through the use of eye makeup techniques, especially using eyeliner.

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The slanted eyes are characteristic of Asian people, and many women like this type of features, but by being born in the western part of the world and not have Eastern roots do not possess those traits.

But the good news is that by delineating the Korean effect on the eyes can be obtained .

The technique is not very difficult but it requires precision and some skill so that the result is as expected.


The steps to follow are those:

  • A line should be drawn very close to the upper eyelid eyelashes, using black color preferably in eyeliner pencil , without reaching the end of the eye.
  • The inner part of the eyelid is outlined but only the upper eyelid, to give depth to the look.
  • The line that has been drawn is accentuated without thickening it too much and ends in a small corner or tail that is very slightly upwards because if you get out a lot you lose the Korean style and move on to another.
  • To seal the eyeliner you can use shadow highlighter by applying it with a sponge or brush and as a final touch apply waterproof mascara.

As you can see this technique is not very difficult but you should always keep in mind that all makeup has its level of difficulty, which is measured in the accuracy and ability of the person who makes the outline.

In addition to using other elements such as illuminating shadows and mascara help to give the eyes a good final frame.