How To remove waterproof eyeliner?

How To remove waterproof eyeliner? – If eyeliner and mascara are waterproof, this places special demands on your eye make-up remover. However, thorough make-up removal is particularly important on the sensitive area around the eyes – so you shouldn’t leave the choice of the right make-up remover to chance.

Tips for waterproof eye makeup remover

Waterproof eye make-up is not easy to rinse off. You can hardly get by without a special eye make-up remover. Too strong solvents can easily irritate the sensitive skin on the lids and the eyes themselves. Skin irritation and dry eyes are often the result. Nevertheless, you always have to remove waterproof mascara and Co. thoroughly – otherwise your eyelashes can stick or even break off. Makeup crumbs in the corner of the eye can also cause inflammation.

The right eye makeup remover

Eye make-up remover for waterproof make-up is available in different versions. For example, cleaning wipes are well suited for quick make-up removal when traveling. A suitable cleansing milk, on the other hand, has a particularly gentle effect on sensitive skin. Waterproof gel gel eye make-up remover also removes stubborn make-up residues, but it should not be used on very sensitive skin because it can burn the lids.

Waterproof? Oil helps

No matter how stubborn and waterproof mascara, eyeliner and Co. are: It is primarily oil-containing products that help get the makeup off the lids. If you don’t have an eye make-up remover on hand, you can also put some olive oil or coconut oil on a cotton ball and use it to gently work on your lids. However, you should avoid heavy rubbing. It is better to rub once more, but gently over the skin.

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