How To Put Eyeliner On Top?

Make up your eyes with eyeliner is no longer an impossible mission and I will show you

It seems that all women are born with the gift of knowing how to put on makeup, but nothing is further from reality (and you are reading me, surely you are nodding).

It is compatible to be a woman and have no idea that it is tightlining, an “eye-cat” or “smokey eyes” , not to mention other much more complex makeup techniques such as “strobbing” or “contouring”.

That is why I am here , to shed a little light and that you come out at once “the typical makeup you do every day” rain, snow, sunrise, be it 9 am or 11 pm with the same eyeliner, The same shape and the same color.

Because NO, not because you are a woman, you are born knowing how to have babies, or make food, or make up your eyes. So for all of you this post goes:

“Look fresh” or without eyeliner

How is it? Do not use eyeliner! Use some discreet shade with tones that tend to beig, bronze, gray and brown, and ends with a touch of illuminator in the tear.

When to do it During the day , especially at night , when you want to give the most importance to your lips

What do you need? Eye shadows  beige, brown, bronze, gray, gold … and  illuminating

How is it done? Using the aforementioned eye shadows, blur across your eyelid, leaving  the upper eyelid with the lightest shadows and the darkest point in the center of the mobile eyelid , and not forgetting the illuminator  in the tear.


How is it? It is the line that is painted just above the upper lashes without prolonging it . End and start with the eye.

When to do it It’s a day makeup , so it’s perfect for going to work, having coffee with your friends, or just going to buy bread.

What do you need? A black or brown eye pencil

How is it done? Starting from the tear of the eye, to the opposite end, above the line of the eyelashes , and it becomes thicker in size as it travels through the eye.

Tightlining or full outline

How is it? It is a sum between the anterior classic stripe, and one inside the upper line of the eye (or lower too)

When to do it At night, when you want to add a plus of intensity and depth to your look

What do you need? A black eye pencil

How is it done? The same as in the previous point + from the tear, inside the eye (you can choose only from above, or above and below), paint this line black.

“Eye cat” or “Cat eyes”

How is it?  It is the line that is painted just above the upper lashes , from the tear to the end point, extending the corner and raising it slightly . The length and thickness of the said line may depend, on the day, on the pulse you have at that time or on the event you go to.

When to do it Whether for a night out with some friends combined with a red lipstick and a leather jacket, or for a combined date as much as a burgundy lipstick or I could, or just one day you wake up artist and you want to give a cooler touch to your look.

What do you need? With a black liquid eyeliner or marker pen (if you have no idea how to do it, use masking tape to make the shape)

How is it done? Starting from the tear, follow the upper line of the eye . As you reach the end, the line widens and rises , to leave the aforementioned cat shape in the eye. If you have no idea, we will use the masking tape, paste it in both eyes with the same inclination and draw the line with the liquid and ready eye-liner.


How is it? It is a white line that goes from the tear to the center of the eye and makes it look bigger.

When to do it On a date , or at a time when you want them to pay special attention to your eyes

What do you need? A white eyeliner

How is it done? You should focus on the tear of the eye , giving more emphasis to this area and ends at the center of the eyelashes. You can not miss the mascara, because it can give the feeling of lack of life or even look like an alien. You can also mix an eye-cat with the white eyeliner.

Smoky eyes or “Smokey eyes”

How is it? Using different shades of black blurred throughout the mobile and lower eyelid of the eye

When to do it In an event or night party .

What do you need? Eye-liner, dark eye shadows, black pencil and a brush to blur

How is it done? Apply the shadows in the center of the eye and always giving more darkness on the outside, than in the tear, blur with the brush and add layers of color, from lighter to darker. To finish put eye-liner in the upper line of the eye and paint the lines inside with black pencil.

Eyeliner + colored shadows

How is it? It would be like a Smokey eyes, but the beast, with all the colors that you like / favor you

When to do it At a party, event or at some point

What do you need? wide palette of eye shadows and colored eye pencils

How is it done? Just like in the previous point , but adding color, without cutting yourself.