How To Pick A Nude Lipstick

How To Choose A Nude Lipstick?

Nude lipstick is the must have makeup bag for all women, but the choice must be meticulous: this shade more than ever popular is the centerpiece of a natural beauty, and it is therefore essential to pick a nude lipstick the right tone!

Which nude lipstick to choose?

Pick your nude lipstick according to your skin tone

With nude, natural is in the spotlight. Like most beauty products, the choice of your lipstick will vary depending on your skin color. As the name suggests, nude gives a false naked effect to your lips. Do not fall into preconceived ideas and do not immediately rush towards a beige nude: you have to know how to identify your complexion to better match your lipstick.

Before you start, here is a tip that will save you time: whatever your skin tone, never pick a nude lipstick that is too light in relation to your skin color, at the risk of dulling your complexion and making it look sickly!

For fair skin

If you have fair skin , look for one or two shades darker than your skin color to avoid the tired effect. If the shade is too light, this will accentuate fine lines and chapped lips, especially if the finish is mat. Prefer rather soft shades with slightly pink tones . Discreet and harmonious, it will brighten your skin and soften your make-up.

Another technique: fall for a mirror effect with a translucent gloss that will enhance the natural color of your lips and instantly create the perfect shade. The glossy effect always has its small effect in addition to being very trendy!

For golden skin

If you have so-called Mediterranean skin, opt for a golden nude . For the darkest skin, a light brown lipstick with gold reflections will sublimate and bring out your complexion, while offering you an irresistible gloss effect.

If your skin is lighter, a peach- colored lipstick will give a pink and golden hue to your lips and capture the radiance of your tanned skin.

For dark skin

Unlike fair skin, dark skin has the chance to go with many different shades. You are therefore spoiled for choice and the possibility of choosing a shade lighter or darker than your skin color in order to create a slight contrast. Do according to your preferences: rather beige, peach or rose, it’s up to you.

If you do not know where to look, we recommend a brown nude, which you can lighten with a beige nude for a shaded effect to fall! To sublimate your makeup even more, opt for a satin shade that will give more relief to your mouth. Treat yourself: in any case, everything will suit you!

For dark skin

If you have dark skin, choose a shade darker than your skin tone. Just sublimate it with rich brown and berry hues and with warm reflections that will bring radiance to your complexion. Taupe and caramel brown are perfect colors for nude lips. To enhance your mouth and make your make-up radiant, transparent formulas (gloss) are welcome!

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Nude or ease in everyday life

How to match makeup to nude lips

Relax and jump for joy! With nude lips, you don’t have to worry about making a beauty misstep since this makeup allows you to simply highlight your mouth while remaining natural. Your only mistake would be not to choose the shade that suits you, which could affect the harmony of your beauty treatment.

So you can let off steam, whether you do make-up art, rainbows, a glitter look or even 100% nude, lips with a natural complexion will never betray you and will always embellish your masterpieces. Glossy, velvet, mid-mat or mat, dare any makeup , the nude mouth will accompany you on a daily basis.

The advantage of nude lipstick in everyday life

If nude lipstick has the advantage of always being trendy, it is above all extremely practical. You have surely known the beauty of the bright and elegant red lipstick, but you have also known the anxieties. When you drink, eat, or just smile, red is everywhere , from the lower lips to the chin (do you recognize yourself?), Without forgetting the residue on your teeth at the slightest smile. Nude, it goes everywhere, will always be harmonious with your makeup and will cause you less harm, saving a few moments of discomfort!

So, all you have to do is choose the shade that suits you!