How To Fix Dry Mascara

How To Revive Mascara

It has happened to all of us at some point: go with the right time and take the mascara to observe that it is dry. Do not panic: we have the solution on how to fix dry mascara. Although many will say that when a mask dries it must be thrown away, the truth is that there are some homemade tricks to revive it automatically. With some everyday products, we can give texture and thus show off some scandal eyelashes.

1. The Liquid In Your Lenses May Be The Solution

Do you have liquid on hand for contact lenses? If so, you have everything. Add a few drops inside the container of your mascara and shake it. You will see how instantly the mask will look more liquid and will serve again.

If you wear contact lenses, your liquid may help you revive your mask

2. The Hot Water Glass Trick

How To Fix Dry Mascara

The solution to your ills (mascara) is finished thanks to a glass of hot water. Add the container inside it and wait about 5 minutes. The heat undoes the product and makes it creamy again. This trick works but only at the moment, after a few days the mask dries again so we will have to repeat the whole procedure.

There are special products to “revive” your maskThey are not a utopia but a reality: there are special products to give dry makeup a second chance.

3. Olive Oil Works

Long live olive oil! This is not only basic for the Mediterranean diet, it will also help us achieve that texture that we want in our mascara. It is the perfect solution for all those who want creaminess and body quickly.

Although our mascara will never be the same – we must be realistic at all times – the truth is that these four homemade tricks will lengthen your life and take us out of more trouble. Will you put them into practice?

While it must be renewed every four to six months, mascara can get ugly ahead of time. The good news is that you can recover it very easily and quickly.


First things first, and there are two types of mask : common and waterproof ( waterproof ). The way you rescue him will depend on his formula.

4. For Common Masks

Being compatible with water – that is, they run if they get wet – the solution is that: wet them!

1. I dipped the brush in a glass of warm water for a couple of minutes.

2. Shake a little, put it in the container and move it to mix with the product. It is done!!

5. For Waterproof Masks

1. Buy a bottle of almond oil at the pharmacy (it is cheap and yields a lot). Otherwise, olive oil also serves.

2. I opened the mascara container and carefully, put two or three droplets. I moved the brush to mix with the product.

And if it’s still dry …

Then another tip on how to fix dry mascara is below

… you can put it – closed – in a cup with water and put a few moments in the microwave.

EXTRA TIP: So you don’t get too ugly too fast, avoid opening and closing it repeatedly. This causes more air to enter and accelerates drying.