How To Do Ombre Lips?

Ombre lips or ombre lips. What are they and step by step tutorial

Ombre lips, or ombre lips, became a trend a few years ago, and today they are still a popular style to make up our lips.

The style of ombre lips allows you to create from simple yet striking lips, to tremendously impressive and original lips that will attract all eyes.

Despite the striking nature of this lip style, it is something very simple to achieve , and is a good resource for professional makeup artists looking to offer their clients something out of the ordinary.

And it is that lip makeup constitutes, by itself, a whole world within the field of professional makeup.

In this article we are going to see what ombre lips are, also called ombre lips, how this technique is done step by step, and what styles we find within them.

What are ombre lips?

ombre lips are a style of lip makeup in which an ombre or gradient look is achieved by using different shades of one color , or different colors to achieve said gradient effect.

ombre means, in French, shadow , hence this term is used to define the style of ombre lips.

On the other hand, lips means, in English, lips , so the term ombre lips literally means shaded lips.

It is a trend that began to be applied to other areas of the body, such as hair or nails, and that has recently begun to be applied to lip makeup, giving us more options than red lip makeup .

How are ombre lips made?

To achieve the ombre lip effect, you need to use two different colored lipsticks, or the same color but different shades.

In the first case we will achieve a degraded effect, changing from one color to another; and in the second case we will achieve a shaded effect by going from a lighter shade of color to a darker one.

What does it take to make ombre lips?

To make the ombre lips we are going to need a series of products for lip makeup.

These are quite common products , so surely we should not spend much if we want to enjoy this lip makeup trend that is so elegant and impressive at the same time.

The products that we are going to need for the ombre lips are:

  • Lip balm , to moisturize and keep the skin of our lips in good condition.
  • Make-up corrector or base , to neutralize shades and achieve greater adherence of the products to be applied later.
  • Lip liner , to define the contour of the lips.
  • Lipsticks or liquid lip makeup , with which we will achieve the ombre effect that we are looking for.
  • Illuminator , to achieve a striking final finish.

Types or styles of ombre lips

Within the trend of ombre lips, we are going to find different styles depending on the type of gradient or shading that we are going to make.

Among the main types of ombre lips we find the following:

  • Ombre lips with a classic finish: the classic finish of ombre lips is one that changes color from the center. In this case, the darkest and most intense color should be used on the outer edge of the lips, and a lighter one in the central area.
  • Ombre lips with an inverted central finish: this is the opposite case of the previous one; since we are going to use an intense or dark tone in the center, and a lighter color on the outer edges.
  • Ombre lips with horizontal finish: in this style, the gradient is carried out from the left (right) side of the lips, to the right (or left) side.
  • Ombre lips with a vertical finish: unlike the previous style, the gradient is done from the top to the bottom.

These are the four main types, or styles, of ombre lips, and within which we will be able to play with the shades or colors to apply.

Tutorial to make ombre lips step by step

We are going to see now how to do the ombre lips step by step. Despite the striking finish achieved with this lip makeup trend, achieving the ombre effect is quite simple.

The only complicated point that we are going to find is that of making the transition, or gradient, between the different colors or shades.

We are going to see step by step how to make an ombre lips with a classic finish. Knowing how to do this type of makeup, we can apply the rest of the styles, since the technique and steps are going to be the same.

We will only have to vary the direction of the gradient, applying the products in the same order that we are going to explain below.

First step: apply the lip balm

The first step to get our ombre lips is to apply a lip balm that moisturizes the skin, but is easily absorbed by it.

With this we will be able to avoid the presence of small skins and cracks in the lips, in addition to quickly having the skin ready to receive the rest of the lip makeup products that we are going to use.

Second step: apply concealer

Applying a little makeup base or concealer to our lips will allow us to neutralize the color of the skin in this area, and with this what we want is to further enhance the color of the lipstick that we will use.

Another reason why it is convenient to apply foundation or concealer is that it will serve as a base so that the lipstick lasts longer and we can have the peace of mind that everything remains as we have applied it at home.

Third step: apply the liner

Now we get into the matter and start applying color to our lips to achieve that striking and elegant ombre style.

We must apply the lip liner, both on the upper and lower parts, always drawing from the outside in.

It is important that we not only limit ourselves to bordering, but that we focus on the part of the corners of the upper and lower lips by increasing the thickness of the line.

We shouldn’t be afraid of going overboard with the liner, because in later steps we’re going to blur, and the created line won’t look as thick as it is right now.

When choosing the liner, in this style of ombre lips we must take into account that the dark tone is in the outer area, so we will look for a liner color similar to the one we will apply later.

Fourth step: Apply two colors or shades of lipstick

The time has come to apply the colors or tones that we are going to want to show off with the ombre lips finish.

The result is simpler when we use different shades of the same color, than in the case of using two different colors.

If we want a marked effect, we will opt for two tones that differ significantly.

In the space that we have left before without applying the liner, but next to it, and which continues to belong to the outer area of ​​the lips, we must use a color one tone below the liner that we have used.

Then, in the inner center, we must apply a much lighter color to generate the contrast. We can apply the lipstick by giving small touches

The ideal is to use a lipstick that is creamy, but not excessively, so that it facilitates blurring, but at the same time remains fixed.

Fifth step: Blur

This is the shortest step, but the most important.

To get a good blur we will only need to pass a brush or brush that is completely clean.

Knowing how to blend makeup is very important, that’s why we will have to acquire practice with this technique.

We will have to blur the area where both tones meet very subtly.

We should not drag the applied lipstick, just dab or make gentle movements.

It is important that we focus only on the area where both tones meet, since, if we do it in everything, what we will do is mix the two colors and we will not achieve the desired ombre effect on our lips.

Step Six: Apply the Highlighter

This step is something optional, since once blurred we will have already obtained our ombre lips.

However, applying highlighter will enhance the effect that we have achieved in the previous step.

We simply have to apply a small drop of highlighter on the tip of our finger and give a light touch in the center of the lip.

If we want, we can also subtly extend it over the cupid’s bow to achieve a greater effect.

Ombre lip color combinations

In the ombre lips tutorial that we have seen before, we have applied two shades of the same color (one light and one darker).

However, when we have more practice when it comes to achieving the ombre effect on the lips, we can use different colors or more contrasting tones.

Some ideas and trends are as follows:

  • Eggplant tones with roses
  • Red with orange tones
  • Orange with yellow tones
  • Any color faded with white
  • red tones with black
  • Shades of blue with purple
  • Green and yellow tones (very striking as well as risky)
  • Shades of pink with purple or blue

And, in short, any combination that comes to mind and that matches the outfit that we will wear at that moment.

Tips for ombre lips

To finish, we are going to see a series of tips that will help us achieve the most impressive effect in our ombre lips.

Define the contour: this is a step that we have explained, but that is sometimes ignored. The fact of defining the contour of the lip will allow to achieve a much more professional and clean finish.

Illuminate the center: as we have also said before, this is another optional step and one that is often not carried out.

Instead of applying it only to the center, we can also apply it all over using a cream or powder format.

Play with textures: A fundamental point to achieve a professional ombre is to play with the textures of the lipsticks that we have.

Something that is appropriate is to use a matte lipstick for the edge or outside of the lip, or one that tends to a dry appearance, so it will remain fixed for hours.

On the other hand, in the inner area of ​​the lip, to blend more easily, it is better to use a creamier lipstick, as we have already pointed out.

With this we can already get our ombre lips, and wear a striking and different look when we need it, also combining the colors that best match our look-

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