How To Do Easy Makeup For School

How to do makeup for school? First you need to master the main rule: there should not be too much cosmetics. Everyday make up for a teenager is characterized by light textures, unobtrusive colors and implicit accents. The second important rule: thorough shading: all cosmetic products must be shaded with brushes or fingers. In this article we read how to do easy makeup for school?

How to do makeup for school?

You will need a basic set of decorative cosmetics: foundation, eyebrow, mascara and shine. The amount of cosmetics depends on the age.

  1. 10-11 years old. You can get by with gloss and eyebrow gel. It is advisable to choose a coral or pink lip product. At 10 years of age, makeup is useless at all, but gloss does no harm, so you can use it.
  2. 12-13 years old. It is recommended to add mascara and eyebrow color gel at this stage. It is better to refuse the tonal base.
  3. 14-15 years old. You can use a foundation, but it’s better to take a concealer and spot the imperfections.
  4. 16 years. At this age, it is recommended to use a tone with a light texture. It should not be too dense and masking, as 16-year-olds do not need the “mask” effect on the face.

It is best to see a photo of the “makeup without makeup” technique. It is perfect for school and is relevant in the beauty industry.

Foundation for face

makeup to school

How to choose a foundation for every day? You need to be based on three main factors: type, condition and skin tone. For a dry and clean face, a light and natural foundation that evens out the tone is suitable. For oily and problem skin, you need to choose a denser product with a satin or matte finish.

Most importantly, the product must be water-based, not silicone-based.

A heavy tonal foundation can be applied to a disco. Silicone creams withstand warm artificial light well and stay on the skin longer, but they clog pores and cause premature aging.

Eyebrows and eyelashes

How To Do Easy Makeup For School

There are several basic eyebrow products:

  • pencil;
  • eyeliner;
  • shadows;
  • retainer (colored or transparent).

For school, it is best to choose a duet of eyeshadow and transparent gel. The effect is soft, beautiful and natural. The shade of the cosmetic product must necessarily match the color of the eyebrows. A maximum deviation of half a tone is allowed. Instead of shadows, you can use a pencil, but during the process of painting, you should not press hard on it, otherwise the line will turn out to be clear and unnatural.

Eyelash cosmetics will help to create a visual accent on the eyes. Almost every makeup artist recommends Vivienne Sabo “Cabaret”. With this mascara, you can create a day or evening effect. It is easily layered, does not crumble and costs about 200 rubles.


How To Do Easy Makeup For School

Lips should be accentuated with a neutral gloss without any obvious shimmer. Another beautiful and rather inconspicuous product is tint. This Korean invention is a rich pigment that is absorbed into the lips and leaves only a subtle tint. The result is the effect of “kissed” lips. The tint can also be applied to the cheeks, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Beautiful everyday makeup

How to make beautiful and soft makeup using eyeshadow and eyeliner? To get started, it is highly recommended to look at make-up courses and color lessons. Important details: shading and color combination. Shadows should match the shade of the eyes and harmonize well with each other.

For brown eyes

Colors suitable for brown-eyed: gold, green, brown, red. School makeup can be done with golden pigment and brown eyeshadow. The upper fold of the eyelid is drawn with a dark product, and a shimmer is added to the middle. Funds must be well shaded with a small fluffy brush. Then add some mascara.

You can use a nude matte or white shade of eyeshadow as a backing in any makeup.

For blue eyes

Shades that go blue-eyed: pink, turquoise, white (with shimmer), gray. It is best to combine white and gray with each other. The light color should be distributed over the entire mobile eyelid, and the dark color should be added to the outer corner. If you wish, you can decorate the shadow makeup with pink-golden glitter, but they should not be large. The result is a refreshing eye makeup with a thin brown arrow.

Make-up for green eyes

Green-eyed are colors such as: chocolate, dark gold, lavender, beige. You can make invisible makeup with beige and dark gold shades. The light color needs to be shaded into a warm haze throughout the eyelid, then add a dark gold tint to the upper crease.

A thin arrow can be used in every makeup. It should be drawn right along the growth of the eyelashes. It’s important to remember good shading.

It is recommended to use soft small brushes suitable for beginners. Makeup for teenagers should be worked out in a nude range, you can use brown, beige, pink, golden shades. Your makeup is supposed to refresh your face – the final rule that is important to remember and apply.

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