How To Do A Wing With Gel Eyeliner?

This is a new technique that is currently in trend , the angel wing liner is characterized by a very thick line delineation that ends in a figure that resembles the wings of an angel, as its name indicates.

Being a very bold and striking design it is recommended to be used at night parties, important events or at parties where you want to excel.

The angel wing technique has a certain degree of difficulty , and to achieve this it takes time and practice to invest, this type of eyeliner is very appropriate for those women who have large eyes , since they are suitable for a better visualization of the eyeliner.

To make this outline, some materials and products are needed to achieve a good outline.


Some of these materials are:

  • Shadow base for eyelids
  • Black gel eyeliner
  • Round brush
  • Bandite or masking tape
  • Shadows for eyelids
  • Eyeliner down


These are the steps to follow to get the angel wing outlined:

  1. The shadow base for eyelids is applied, thus fixing the eyeliner and shadows more firmly and easily for much longer.
  2. Diagonally, the band or adhesive tape is placed at the outer end of the eye to mark the area and not leave it.
  3. The shade of the tone that has been chosen is applied, it is applied from the corner of the eyelid upwards covering the entire arch of the fixed eyelid, the shadow is applied with a round brush taking care to remove the excess of product between each application so that at blur is much easier.
  4. Then a shadow of a contrasting tone is applied with the one that has already been applied. The brush should be cleaned very well so as not to mix the tones.
  5. So that the eye makeup is enhanced, the cute crease technique is applied with the shadows (to learn this technique you can search for tutorials on the internet).
  6. In the eyelid basin a dark shadow is applied to blur and illuminate.
  7. Now the eyeliner is applied, a thin line is drawn on the outer edge of the eyelid very close to it and at a slightly higher angle another line is drawn to shape the wing figure.
  8. Then carefully fill the figure with the gel eyeliner, to make it easier you start from the inside out.
  9. The down is used to draw the line that begins in the tear, and is also used to correct any detail that is out of place or to finish defining the angel wing.
  10. Finally, the rest of the makeup is applied.

As you can see it is a fairly long process, so it is recommended to start with enough time.

The angel wing liner adds sobriety and drama to a bold and striking makeup.