How To Apply Smoked Eyeliner?

Like many new trends, it was on Instagram that the faded eyeliner appeared. The smoked eyeliner allows a makeup that is both elegant and sober, which can be worn every day. It is much easier to make than a classic liner line.

Isn’t the precise liner line for you? Opt for the trend of the faded eyeliner , much easier to achieve.

The instructions for a faded eyeliner

To make a smudged or smoky eyeliner line , you need a gel eyeliner or black eyeshadow. A liquid felt eyeliner will not be suitable since it will be much more difficult to blend it. It will also take a beveled brush a blurring makeup brush for the eyes of course.

Creation of the smoked eyeliner line

    • Start by applying an eyeshadow base to hold the liner, especially if the line is drawn with eyeshadow.
    • Trace the outside of the liner line by making your favorite cat eye. With the blending brush “blendez” the liner upwards only. Start with the line of eyeliner and stretch it to the top of your eyelid.
  • For a clearer line, it is possible to apply corrector just below the liner line. This line should be ultra precise.

Attention if the eyeliner used is in gel it is necessary to work the material quickly.