How To Apply Liquid Eyeliner Step By Step Pictures?

Sophistication and sensuality with your own hands …
The liquid eyeliner gives another dimension to your makeup. If applied correctly, it can give your look sophistication and sensuality instantly.But mastering the art of delineation requires a level of precision that is very difficult to achieve. Or at least so far.2 expert makeup artists explained how to use this product with precision and become (almost) a professional applying the liquid eyeliner:1. Take your time:

First rule? Do not hurry. One of the most common mistakes in women when putting on liquid eyeliner is to do it fast, instead of taking 5 minutes to do it correctly.

Since our eyelids are not straight (they are asymmetrical and curved), you must first understand the qualities of your eyelid and know that the work you are going to do in your eye takes time.

2. Experiment with the applicators:

When you buy a set of shadows … do you use the brush that comes with it? We are sure not.

The same goes for the liquid eyeliner. Because your applicator is a pointed brush means that it works in your eyes. Some brushes do a better job on the eyelid. If you want an angled appearance, try an angled brush. If you want a thin line, try the finest brush for a more precise finish.

Experiment with different applicators until you find the one.

3. Understand what your eye type is like:If you have almond eyes and many eyelids, the cat’s eyeliner will work very well in your eyes. But the truth is that not all women favor this technique, since we all have different shapes and sizes of eyes.For example, if you have the bone under the very prominent eyebrow, a thick eyeliner probably won’t work because it will run; opt for a thin line above your upper flange ending in a wing carried up in the outer corner of the eye.4. Learn this symmetry trick:

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It is almost a magic trick to make both sides of your face have a symmetrical outline, but with this technique you will achieve it. First tip: never delineate with your eyes closed. The reason? If you close your eyes you will never know what the natural fall of your skin is like. If you do, you will be pre-destined to have an uneven line.

Make the line of the wing with your eyes open, looking directly at the mirror. Your wing should be at 45 degrees, extending from the lower lash line. You can place the brush at that angle on your face to visualize the effect.

Then, draw the wing from the bottom line of the tabs, in the upward and outward direction.

5. Never stretch the eyelid:According to experts, this is the worst mistake you can make by delineating yourself. If you pull the eye to delineate and then release it, the eyelid bounces back to its place and the same goes for the eyeliner. This creates uneven textures and lines.You should leave the job to your favorite brush or applicator, place your elbow against the mirror and let it guide your hand to make the stroke of the eye with a smooth movement (and eyes open and relaxed).If you are using a gel or cream eyeliner with more viscosity, press the applicator with individual movements under the eyelid, think of it as baby steps that will lead to a perfect line.