How To Apply Gold Eyeliner?

The look highlighted in black has become a classic of eye makeup. After soaring color eyeliner in recent months, we take celebrations to invite gold (or silver) in her makeup. As we spotted on Pinterest, the golden eyeliner for Christmas or for Christmas Eve makes followers, so we tested to see how to apply it?

With golden eyeliner , no need to do too much, we adopt a party makeup easy to wear in the evening, which softens the look and highlights it with brightness.

In this video, we show you how to apply her golden eyeliner in three different ways without overdoing it.

First make up the complexion, then the mobile eyelid with an eyeshadow of a brick brown slightly glittery. If you do not have this shade in your palette, then opt for a halo of Terracotta-type powder, slightly iridescent or even spangled.

1. Energizing golden eyeliner
Highlight the edge of the upper lashes with a dash of not too thick golden eyeliner then, in the outer corner, go up slightly to form a small comma. This will discreetly lengthen your eye for a sparkling look.

2. Golden eyeliner with two lines
We go a step further in the art of make-up by redrawing an additional line just above the fold of the eyelid. When the eye is closed, it gives a little graphic effect; when the eye is open, one has the impression that the eyes are really brighter.

3. Golden and black eyeliner, two-tone effect
During the day, we opt for mainstream makeup, without changing our make-up routine, with a dash of black eyeliner. In the evening, we touch up and enhance the look of the day to transform it into party make-up by drawing an additional golden line just above the black. We soften her look and we sophisticated her look.