How To Apply Gel Eyeliner?

The gel eyeliner is one of the innovations in the world of makeup that has revolutionized our eyeliner. With a texture and application different from that of the other eyeliners, its versatility has positioned it among one of the preferred products of the vast majority of professional makeup artists.

The brush allows greater control over the amount of eyeliner applied as well as the thickness of the eyeliner, making the gel eyeliner two by one that replaces both the liquid eyeliner and the pencil. In addition, their formulas are usually more durable than those of other types of eyeliners, adding even more value to these gel eyeliner.

If you want to try this new fashion in the world of makeup, we show you how to apply this eyeliner step by step to achieve a perfect effect, without spots and which are the best in the market so you can try them.

How to apply the gel eyeliner

1. Prepare the eyelids

Spread some cotton with oil-free makeup remover on the eyelids to remove impurities or traces of makeup, leaving the skin clean. Next, apply a little primer to absorb the natural oils of the skin, ensuring that the eyelids are dry and prepared to receive the eyeliner gel without smears. The first will also increase the durability of makeup.

2. Choose the brush to use

The style of the final eyeliner you are looking for can be more easily obtained if you use the most appropriate brush for this.

The traditional angular and straight brush is the most versatile and allows you to make precise delineated or with easily diffused layers. For thick and very impressive eyelids, opt earlier for wider brushes that allow the application of more product in a single pass.

3. Dip the brush in the gel

Gently, stir the brush in the gel eyeliner a little so that it diffuses into your hairs. Make sure both sides of the brush contain the product. Remove the excess, passing the brush on the edge of the boat carefully so as not to affect its format.

4. Make the base outlined

Without pulling the eye, position the brush in the center of it, holding it as if it were a pencil, and, keeping it next to the line of the eyelashes, make it slide towards the outer point of the eye. Return to the initial position and repeat the action towards the inside of the eye. Try to keep this last line thinner than that of the other half of the eye to achieve a large-eyed effect.

5. Transform

The outline achieved in step four will accentuate the eyelashes and eyes in a subtle way. If you want something more striking, use this outline as the basis to transform your eyes.

For example, you can add more layers of gel eyeliner to the initial line to increase its intensity and thickness or use a large, soft brush over the eyeliner to create a smokey eye effect .