How To Apply Eyeliner?

The perfect eyeliner: For many make-up artists it is THE insider tip for an optimal make-up. Eyeliner not only makes the eyes more expressive, it can also be used for cheating and small eyes. He can also highlight deep-set eyes and make drooping eyelids disappear.

The only drawback: For many women, handling an eyeliner is more complicated than initially thought. So that the eyeliner is made up perfectly, we have summarized the most important questions and answers for you. So read through, put on make-up and try again and again!

Step-by-step instructions: Apply eyeliner

  1. Waterproof or not? Many choose a water-soluble eyeliner so that it can be quickly removed if it is accidentally blurred. A mistake! Because no matter whether you let yourself be surprised by a spontaneous rain shower or accidentally rub your eyes, with a waterproof eyeliner the line stays where it should be. To prevent panda eyes, it is important to always use a waterproof eyeliner. Such a reference is often found on the beauty product under the English term “waterproof”.
  2. How the eyeliner lasts as long as possible For the longest possible hold, the eye should be dry and free of grease on the upper lash line. To do this, carefully dab the upper eyelid with a facial tissue. The right basis for a long-lasting look then consists of a little loose powder or an eyeshadow base, which is applied to the eyelid above the upper lash line. This ensures a better hold of the eyeliner. Alternatively, you can also use some compact powder or light eyeshadow.
  3. Applying: One big mistake with applying eyeliner is that the eyeliner line is not drawn close enough to the lash line. Because: The result is best when the color is almost applied in the eyelashes. In addition, the eyes should not be pinched. It is best to support it with your elbow – this will keep your hand steadier. Straighten the lid with one finger and place the eyeliner as close as possible to the edge of the lashes. The easiest way to achieve the eyeliner is to paint it in two strokes: first to the middle, then from the outside to the already painted line. Slightly blur the transition. Alternatively, you can also draw many small lines and then connect them.
  4. The swing: Especially beginners should say goodbye to the idea that the eyeliner is painted in one swing. In reality, this rarely works. It makes more sense to put a lot of small lines that you connect together.
  5. The eyeliner should go beyond the corner of the eye? Then the lid is lifted slightly with your finger to create tension and to be able to work particularly precisely. Letting the eyeliner line run upwards at a 45-degree angle, for example, allows eyelids that hang a little downwards to visually lift and enlarge.
  6. Eye line on the lower eyelid? Eyeliner should only be used on the upper lid, otherwise the thin line will draw the eye down optically. Therefore: If you want to have even more expressive eyes, you should emphasize the lower lid with kohl or eyeshadow. With a kohl pencil in brown it is best to place points between the eyelashes and let them overlap with a soft brush or sponge applicator. Then fix with transparent powder.
  7. Oops, a mistake? Not bad, happens to everyone. To correct it, soak a Q-tip with makeup remover and gently touch up the area. A soft eyeliner, for example with kohl or eyeshadow, can also be saved by simply fading it out with a brush or sponge applicator.

Pen, gel or kohl: which product is the right one?

A solid wax or a liquid gel? Long or short tip? The beauty shelves in the drugstore are full of various products. It can happen that you pick the wrong tool. And that is often the first mistake. Because: If you have found the right eyeliner, it will be much easier to apply later.

Here is a small overview of which product is suitable for which eyeliner types:

  • For beginners: If you are not yet well trained in using an eyeliner, it is best to use a waterproof eyeliner pencil with a long tip  (for example from L’Oréal Paris or nyx). The liner is easy to use and lasts a long time.
  • For advanced users: The increase of an eyeliner pencil is the gel pencil . This is also easy to apply because it glides smoothly over the skin. However, the texture makes it easier to blur and is also suitable for smokey eyes .
  • For professionals: Anyone who is already skilled in drawing eyeliner lines switches to a soft and liquid eyeliner (“liquid liner pen”). This can blur faster, which is why special care is required when applying. Its plus: you can work particularly precisely and try out different eyeliner lines.
  • Would you like a dramatic smokey eyes look? Then use the eyeliner pencil (for example from Dior , Maybelline or Artdeco ) to paint an eyeliner line and blend it with a fine brush. Tip: Warm the kohl pencil in your hands beforehand – this will make the result even softer. Due to its consistency, it is also ideal for beginners. It looks more subtle than an eyeliner pencil and the soft lines can be easily blurred and thus blended into the eyeshadow.
  • Forgot the product? Don’t worry: Because even with a normal gray, brown or dark green eyeshadow you can draw an eyeliner that has a similar effect to the kohl pencil. It is applied with a narrow brush, which can also be moistened for a more striking result. The easiest way to do this is to draw the line with a light eye shadow and then trace it with a dark one. Also practical are 2-in-1 products, which are very color-intensive, so that they can be used as eye shadows and for the eyeliner.

Which eye shape fits which eyeliner?

As already mentioned at the beginning, many make-up artists and make-up artists use the eyeliner line to achieve optical illusions. This includes, for example, cheating smaller eyes bigger . Eng to pull together set eyes visually apart and deep-set eyes emphasized . But which eyeliner line fits which eye shape? We clarify:

Use the eyeliner to enlarge your eyes

If you want to optically enlarge small eyes, you should try a “wing eyeliner”. This works like this: Draw a line upwards from the outer corner of the eye. This can best be thought of as an extension of the lower waterline. A line is then drawn from the apex of the stroke to the middle of the eyelid. Then draw a thin line to the inner corner of the eye and paint in the free area that has formed on the outer corner of the eye. Finished!

Dark tones unfortunately make eyes look even smaller – that’s why they can only be set very delicately. Small eyes look bigger if they are colored in on the inner edge of the eyelid with a white eye pencil. Colors make the eyes shine: brown, gray, green or blue do not optically constrict the eyes.

Reduce eyes with the eyeliner

If you find your eyes too big, you can simply cheat them a little smaller with an eyeliner. This does not have to be the black full border of the eye – it looks unnatural anyway – but a pretty eyeliner in classic black, anthracite or dark brown with a slight kohl line under the eye. In the evening, you can make up the look a bit edgy. Apply thicker and rub a little with a cotton swab.

Highlight deep-set eyes

In order to make eyes stand out more, it is not only the right eyeliner line that counts, but also the surrounding area. It is advisable, for example, to choose shiny eyeshadow and apply it to the entire movable eyelid. The best way to use the eyeliner variant is the cat eye look, which extends from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. The look is rounded off with two layers of mascara.

Make the drooping eyelids disappear

Many women tend to have drooping eyelids, which can even get worse over the years. There is a make-up technique to conceal them and visually open your eyes: apply a bright eyeshadow (without glitter particles or shimmer!) To the movable eyelid. Choose a darker shade for the eyelid crease. Draw a thin line of eyeliner close to the lash line with the eyeliner, the line may lead up to the outer corner of the eye. Such a little wing lifts the lid and makes the eye more alert. Finally, apply strong eyelashes on the upper lash line.

Raise falling eyes

The opposite of so-called cat eyes are the falling eyes, which point a little downwards at the outer ends. This lifts it: the delicate eyeliner may get a strong short swing upwards at the outer end.

Eyes wide apart

They look more harmonious if they are emphasized darker in the inner eye area. With a liquid eyeliner, the line can be drawn a little thicker from the inner corner of the eye to the middle, in order to bring the eyes closer together. Eyeshadows on the inner eyelid in matt and somewhat darker eyeshadow colors also bring the eyes closer together.

With eyes close together

With the eyeliner, you can cheat a bit of space if it is emphasized at the bottom and extended to the outside. The further the dark and matt tones are worked out, the more you pull your eyes apart.

Eyeshadow trick: The inner area can then be brightened up with bright and shiny colors. The more shine the eye shadow has, the greater the effect. If the eyes are rather close together, it is important that the line is not set directly at the corner of the eye, but a few millimeters towards the center.

Eyeliner: One should note these no go’s

  • Many use water-soluble liner pens because the dark line usually does not work the first time and can then be wiped off more quickly. But: Even in everyday life, when an eyelash flies in the eye or the sun dazzles, the eyeliner will run faster. Therefore always use waterproof products and apply make-up with them.
  • A base on the movable lid is essential for a perfect hold. Make up the base on the entire lid.
  • If you have small eyes, you shouldn’t paint an eyeliner line on the lower lash line. Even if many beauty bloggers show us how beautiful it can look – it optically reduces the eye and is not suitable for every type. In addition, the kohl on the lower lash line draws attention to possible dark circles or bags under the eyes.
  • Blurred lines don’t go at all and don’t look very aesthetic. If you still have problems with the eyeliner after a lot of practice, you should use beauty aids. With this beauty tool the eyeliner line is perfect .
  • Don’t experiment too much with color! A dark eyeliner in black, brown, gray or anthracite gives the eye a lot of expressiveness and is easy to wear, but also with dark or light eyeshadow. Colored kohl or eyeliner, on the other hand, is best combined with neutral colors, otherwise the make-up will quickly appear too bright. Basically, a dark eyeliner gives depth to the view, a colored one emphasizes the eye color. A light eyeliner on the lower lid is nice for the day, which opens the eye optically and provides a fresh look.