How To Apply Eyeliner Under Eyes?

If you are accustomed to applying eye makeup that only your upper caps or avoid putting makeup under the eye because you have made a mess on previous occasions, consider rethinking your makeup regimen. You may very well be limiting the looks that are created by the survival of a very fixed routine. If the distribution below your eye has stained or stained in the past, it is likely that you simply chose the eyeliner formula or misapplied makeup for the wrong area completely. End your confusion or uncertainty about your technique once and for all by experimenting with the tricks given here.


1 Smooth an eye primer along your lower lash line. This will help your eyeliner last longer during the day, as well as make the pop so that it appears vibrant against your skin.

2 Choose your eyeliner. Experiment with liquid, cream, pencil and retractable stick eyeliners ahead of time to get an idea of ​​which ones are the most comfortable for you. For the best color profitability, use highly pigmented eyeliners. If the ink runs the eye makeup is a problem for you, invest in waterproof eyeliners.

3 Apply liquid eyeliner or cream under your eyes by first dipping a small angle brush slightly, stiffness in the product. Blur the eyeliner on the base of the lash line below, starting at the outer corner, making its way to the inner corner of the eye. Stop halfway to avoid making small eyes seem even smaller if it is one of your concerns. Smooth your liquid eyeliner application with an eye spot brush before the product dries.

4 Use a pencil under your eye. Pencil is applied directly to the base of the lower eyelashes since it is easier to work than with a cream or liquid formula. Replace a thin stick eyeliner instead of the pencil, if you prefer. For a smoky effect, blur the eyeliner with an eye spot brush or a cotton swab.

5 Run a creamy water proof eyeliner along the bottom edge of your eye for a fiery look that intensely defines the eyes. This is an optional step that you don’t need to try if you feel uncomfortable with it. Depending on the appearance that is being created, to which eyeliner is applied on the waterline may or may not apply eyeliner, thus at the base of the lower lashes than in steps 3 and 4.

Tips and warnings

  • Do not share eye makeup with other people to avoid eye infections due to the spread of bacteria. Eye makeup brushes clean after each use and sharpen eye pencils to keep them disinfected.