How To Apply Eyeliner Pencil?

Pencil delineation offers less precision on the line than gel or marker, but in return, you can play a lot with colors and brightness effects. We will tell you about how to apply eyeliner pencil.

The hardness or creaminess of the pencil , choose a pencil that you find comfortable on the eyelid. Avoid very creamy pencils that end up melting into the skin because it is difficult to create a defined line with them.
The color of the pencil. Choose from a wide range of colors to make your eyes outlined.

How to make the upper eyelid stripe?
Once you have done your eye makeup with the shadows, start drawing the eyeliner with pencil.

Draw a very thin line flush with lashes.

Now place the pencil in the middle of the drawn line and make it wider from the middle of the eye towards the end.

Depending on whether you are looking for a fine, soft and elegant eyeliner, or a Cat eye type with wide and very sharp corner.

Review the line carefully to create intensity.

Create a cat wing at the end of the eyeliner. First draw the lines, and then fill in with color.

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Why does the eyeliner move with my eyeliner?
Because you haven’t properly sealed it with dust. After creating the pencil stripe, you have to seal with powder so that it stays fixed.

How To Apply Eyeliner Pencil?

Seal with eye shadow powder . Choose a shadow of the same color as the pencil and apply it over the line you have drawn.
Seal with illuminator or shadows for a glow effect in the eyeliner.

#Tip 1 . Draw fine lines and add them
Avoid drawing a very wide line that covers the eyelid a lot because the eyes will look smaller. You can always add more fine lines, but if you draw a very wide line, then you will have to erase it, which leads to eye shadows.

#Tip 2 . Remember to leave the eyeliner for the last steps of eye makeup
There are people who prefer to make up their eyes first and then apply the foundation and other products. They do it this way to be able to clean the possible errors with the eyeliner, in addition to the residue that falls from the eyeshadow palettes.