How To Apply Eyeliner On Bottom Waterline?

Applying eyeliner to the inner edge of the eye can do many things for your eyes. First, the difference will be noticed. Second, you can use this beauty trick to make your look more dramatic. Third, it can make you look sophisticated. It is easy to learn how to apply your eyeliner inside the eye to look your best.


1 The first step to apply eyeliner inside the eye is to choose a brand that is long lasting. Cheaper brands may be attractive, but they will rub much faster. Choose a good brand of eyeliner and apply it in the morning, and it should last all day with only the minimum touch up needed.

2 Keep the eyeliner steady in one hand. Gently pull down the skin under your eye with the other. carefully apply the eyeliner on the lower edge of the eye, starting from the inner corner (near the nose). His way of working out carefully, making sure not to put his eye with the pencil. This could cause breakage and spoil your work so far.

3 Release the eye, and then repeat step 2, this time to run the right eyeliner along the line of the eyelashes in the lower eye. The more coating is put on, the more dramatic of an aspect that they will receive. This makes the eyeliner stand out more. Repeat for the other eye.

4 Apply coating lightly for daytime use, and heavier at night. You may have contact recharge your eyeliner during the day. If necessary, they will be applied following steps 1 to 3.

Tips and warnings

  • Use to whiten lining to make your eyes brighter.
  • Smooth the eyeliner with a hair dryer at the lowest setting for a few seconds to facilitate application.
  • Replace your eyeliner every 3 to 6 months to prevent the accumulation of bacteria.