How To Apply Eyeliner For Different Eye Shapes?

The eyes are the main asset of any girl. But sometimes many of them forget that each type of eye needs a personalized makeup technique. With these tips, you will be able to create a makeup that everyone will remember for a long time. has prepared for you a small list of tips that will help you draw the perfect line of eyeliner according to your type of eye.

How do you know that your eyes are almond shaped? All corners of the eyes (internal and external) are on the same level, and the distance between the internal corners is equal to the length of the eye.

To draw attention to the wonderful curve of your eyes, draw a thin line from the inside corner and stretch it to the outside corner. But it is better not to exceed it. Thus, the eyes extend visually and make your look more expressive.

Falling eyelids

On this type of eye, an additional layer of skin falls on the crease of the eyelid. This makes the eye look smaller. Therefore, it is necessary to add volume to your eyelashes.

The ideal line for this type of eye is wide, so that it covers the ras-du-cil of the upper eyelid. And in this case, the darker the eyeliner, the better.

Separate eyes

Big eyes

The large (round) eyes are expressive. Therefore, the only thing you have to do is lengthen them.

To do this, apply eyeliner on the upper eyelid and trace a point of about a centimeter from the outer corner. The ” smokey eyes ” will go very well with this type of eye.

Long eyes

Long eyes are considered very attractive, but you have to be very careful when applying eyeliner so as not to make them even narrower. To visually enlarge them, draw a line of eyeliner peeled off from the eyelash and blend it slightly.

With a white pencil, highlight the thin strip of skin between the eye and the eyelashes. Then with a black pencil, accentuate the upper eyelid, thickening the line on its central part.

Eyes close together

Eyes are considered close together if the distance between them is less than the width of one of the eyes. In this case, the main objective of makeup is to visually open the eyes.

To achieve this, you need to transition from light to dark tones in the outside corners. Start applying the eyeliner line a few inches from the inner corner of the eye. The outer tip of the line should be on the outside of the eyelids, and slightly raised.