How To Apply Eyeliner Easily?

Applying eyeliner can be a storm for many women . Before one becomes an expert and does it naturally, there are many blurry eyes and thick and crooked lines that we have to face. Or not?

The truth is that applying eyeliner does not have to be a space science. With just being careful and following the application steps it is possible to have a seductive look without frustration. Although different delineation styles require different techniques, the basic rules for their application are the same. Learn how to apply eyeliner step by step and discover how to highlight your eyes for perfect makeup.

How to apply eyeliner step by step

Prepare the eyelids

The skin of the eyelids is quite oily, which is why it is usual for the eyeliner to diffuse and erase during the day. To avoid this problem, you must prepare your eyes before applying eyeliner.

Start with a makeup remover without alcohol or oil to remove makeup residue and natural oil from the eyelids. Next, apply a thin base coat to standardize the skin tone around the eyes. Finish with a little translucent powder to hold the base and absorb any trace of grease.

Do not pull the eyelids

This is a very common mistake when applying eyeliner. Pulling the eyes removes the natural wrinkles of the eyelids, making it easier to slide the eyeliner. However, it also alters the perception of the final result that can be distorted.

In addition, to ensure fairness between the two eyes, you should always look forward when you apply your makeup and, obviously, pulling the eyelids affects the vision which can lead to more problems to achieve an equal eyeliner in both eyes. If you have difficulty seeing your eyelids with your eyes open, tilt your head back while looking at the mirror, to partially close your eyes in a natural way.

Start with fine lines

The hardest part of applying eyeliner is not getting a perfect eyeliner. The problem is to achieve a perfect and uniform eyeliner in both eyes!

To match the eyeliner, the trick is to start with a thin line in each eye and gradually increase its thickness until the desired effect is achieved. That is, instead of making an eye until the end at the same time, you should gradually delineate the two eyes.

Correct imperfections

To correct any imperfection in the eyeliner, the cotton bud will become your best friend. Make sure that the cotton on the tip of the stick is well compressed and that it has no loose threads that can spoil or create a blurry effect on the eyeliner.

Correct the eyeliner with soft touches and trying to touch as little as possible in this so that only the limbs are corrected. If you can not alter the eyeliner, try moistening the stick in a little make-up remover without alcohol or oils.

Tricks and tips

Have a pencil sharpener always with you

If you want to get a perfect and clean effect of blots, the eyeliner must always be sharp. The worn tips provide a thicker result more easily, but its line is not uniform or precise, making it difficult to obtain a smooth and straight eyeliner, as well as filling the area next to the eyelashes.

Use waterproof eyeliner on the lower eyelid

During the day, with sweat and frequent touches on the face, the eyelid of the bass eyelid can begin to spread, ending on the cheeks or creating a dark circles effect. Choose a waterproof eyeliner for the lower part of the eyes to avoid this problem.

Apply the eyelash curler before

Using the eyelash curler after applying the eyeliner can spoil the eyeliner giving it a blurry effect. If you use this device, make sure you do it before applying the eyeliner.

Translucent powder as a barrier

Apply a little translucent powder with the help of a cotton swab under the lower eyeliner to create a barrier that prevents its diffusion in the dark circles.

Fill the gaps

After applying the eyeliner it is normal that you find small holes in the eyeliner, mainly next to the line of the eyelashes. Pull a little of the eyelid to stretch the skin and use a eyeliner with a sharp point to fill these gaps.

Applying eyeliner is not difficult and only requires patience and training. Follow these steps and keep in mind the tricks and tips to get a seductive and attractive look without frustration.