How To Apply Eyeliner Beginners?

A good eyeliner defines your look, enlarges it and can even change the shape of our eyes. In this article we will discuss about how to apply eyeliner beginners.

How To Apply Eyeliner For The First Time?

The eyeliner is one of those cosmetics that helps us achieve it, although its application is one of the most feared, since it needs a certain technique or practice to be mastered … but it is not so much! With these tricks and making you want, we will be experts in a very short time. Take note!

Prepare your eyes for a perfect eyeliner

The key to a perfect eyeliner is the same as for all good makeup: the base . It is useless to spend 10 minutes sweating the fat drop along a straight line if everything is broken within half an hour of leaving home.

It is always good to start with a pre-base, which in addition to leaving us a perfect canvas, protects from the sun) to soften the pores and keep excess fat under control. At the same time, it will help our eyeliner to look better and not move during the day.

Then we will use concealer and after fixing it with translucent powders … we are ready to delineate! If you want, you can also apply shadows, we recommend you do it before the eyeliner, so as not to stain it and have to repeat the process.

How To Apply Eyeliner With Pictures?

You can use the typical pencil eyeliner or a liquid eyeliner, better for precise and marked eyeliners.

Take a deep breath and don’t tremble!

First: take it easy, use makeup to have fun with your look and don’t be too perfectionist at first . Do not be afraid to turn to the makeup remover and start again if necessary. The important thing is to practice to perfect the technique.

Be clear about the type of shape you want to draw , this will make the application easier and symmetrical and will help you not hesitate to draw your line. We bring you a few examples to inspire you.

Types Of Eyeliner

As you can see, you can make all kinds of eyelids: thin and elongated, thicker, from the middle of the eye, only at the end, with “rabito”, without “rabito”… it’s a matter of seeing what shape is best for you or change according to your mood, why not? At the end of the day, makeup should be fun, and if you practice different delineated you will get mastery in a very short time.

  • Delineated type 1: Define and enlarge your eyes in a subtle way with a very fine stroke and glued to the line of the eyelashes. Finish with a little “rabito” at the end. Perfect for day to day.
  • Type 2: If you fancy a look a little more daring, try a thicker line , great if you ‘re less careful.
  • Type 3: A subtle way to lengthen your eyes with minimal effort . Use it if you are a beginner.
  • Type 4: If your eyes are already big and you don’t want to boost it, decide to just define.

Eyeliner Tutorial Step By Step

Like everything in life, “each teacher has his book” and you have to see what is the application that is easier for you. Therefore, we bring you two ways to apply the eyeliner so that the tests and identify the one that best suits you.

Application 1: Delineated from inside to outside

  1. Draw your line little by little with small strokes along the lash line . Start in the middle of the eye and work the stroke to the “corner” , then you can take the line to the tear.
  2. Use a reference point to draw your “corner” , the most common is the end of your eyebrow, but it all depends on the angle you like best.
  3. Connect the end of the corner you just drew with the first line you drew on the tabs.
  4. Fill and perfect your eyeliner.

With this technique you will get a more precise and subtle application .

Application 2: Outlined Inside

  1. In this case we start painting our “corner” taking as reference the end of the eyebrow .
  2. Connect the end of the corner you just drew with the line of the tabs.
  3. Draw the line of your eyelashes connecting it with the corner of your eye.
  4. Fill and then perfect your eyeliner.

With this technique you will get a simpler application.

In either application, use this TRICK: place your little finger on your cheek during application to stabilize the pulse!

Still have doubts? Do not miss this step-by-step tutorial on how to apply eyeliner beginners! There will be no “corner” of the eye that resists.

Finally, apply a generous amount of Eyelash Mask , this will camouflage any small error behind some marked and long eyelashes.

If you have made a mistake, fix it with a brush and a bit of concealer . If you prefer to use make-up remover , do it with a swab and always wait until the eyeliner has dried up or it will be a real mess!

Dare to try the different ways we propose, they can not stop looking at you!

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