How To Apply Coloured Eyeliner?

Pink, green, blue, yellow: this season, the eyeliner will be colored or will not be! Do you fear the worst while thinking about this make-up trend? Rest assured, we will explain how to choose your color, how to wear the colored eyeliner, and above all we will show you the result. To your liners!

The eyeliner can emphasize the look, make it deeper or even enlarge it, so why stop at black? Seen on the Fashion Week catwalks , the colorful eyeliner is making a big comeback this year.

Colored eyeliner: dare or not dare, that is the question

The colored eyeliner is a bit like Brussels sprouts: you have to try before saying that you don’t like it!

Our tip : Try your colored eyeliner on weekends or evenings.
Better not to try the experience 5 minutes before leaving for work. Because if you find it does not suit you or you do not dare leave home with, you will need to remove make up, start your makeup … and eventually you will not be late!

Do you work in a very corporate environment like the banking sector? It is obvious that the fuchsia pink eyeliner is not suitable.
However, nothing prevents you from swapping your faithful black liner for a brown, a very dark green or a navy blue.
With a good coat of mascara the difference will be very subtle.
Most ? These colors, less harsh than black, will soften your look and open it more.

Another option for the timbers of colored eyeliner: layering .
Draw your usual line of black eyeliner and add a thin colored line just above it.
The result is a makeup with subtle eyeliner colorful and bright!

Colorful eyeliner: which color is right for me?

If the black goes to all the pupils, it is not the case of all the other colors of eyeliner.
To decide, we advise you to choose your colored eyeliner as you select your eye shadow .

Colorful eyeliners for blue eyes

To enlarge your blue eyes and highlight them, put on a champagne or iridescent eyeliner. These colors will bring out the color of your eyes and make your eyes more luminous and soft.

If you prefer to stay true to dark tones, navy blue is the ideal color for your eyes since it brings out the natural blue of your pupils.

Want to try something crazier? Have fun with the different tone-on-tone versions of blue like turquoise or opt for a more surprising color like pink or plum.

Colored eyeliners for green eyes

If the black eyeliner tends to darken the green eyes , the rust and mahogany tones, they sublimate them! Often neglected, these colors are however ideal for green eyes, because they compliment them to perfection.

Are rust and mahogany tones too “original” for you? Opt for an aubergine or dark purple eyeliner. Your eyes will appear greener, your eyes will be more alert and … you will not be able to do without them!

If you want to dare the very colorful eyeliner, go for an olive or fir green eyeliner.

Colored eyeliners for brown eyes

We often confine brown eyes to black eyeliner. However, there are so many other colors that can enhance them, such as brown, mole, amber, and even navy blue! If you have brown eyes, know that these colors will bring out the little “golden glitter” in your eyes.

If you prefer to stick to a dark eyeliner, go for an iridescent brown. The golden tones of the liner will awaken your eyes. Good-looking effect guaranteed!

Fancy a more original eyeliner? The golden eyeliner will be perfect for you!

With my colored eyeliner, which makeup to choose?

If you choose to focus on your look, take it easy on the rest of your face. A flawless and glowy complexion , a hydrated mouth, eyebrows on fleek and voila !

If your colored eyeliner is very discreet, you can indulge in some fancies with a lipstick with bitten lips effect and a golden complexion.