How To Apply Cat Eyeliner?

No matter how many tutorials you have seen or how many times your older sister or friend has guided you, cat delineation is the hardest step! It does not matter if you use pencil, gel or liquid eyeliner, the first times we end up in that vicious circle of painting one side longer, trying to match it and leaving the other one longer, matching the one that was initially longer and finishing painting the entire eyelid and have to start over AAAAGGGHHH!

I do not know any girl who has not struggled with this at first, but with practice you get even, you find the way and develop a super surgeon pulse. However, there are different tricks so that at first you do not get so horrible and you can become an Egyptian master-goddess of the outlined:

1. The technique of seven

First you must make a line from the tip of the eye, towards the end of the eyebrow and stop when you reach the eyelid. Open the eye to see if the height convinces you, if it does now make another small line towards the center of the eyelid and form a number 7. Then start doing the rest of your eyelid starting from the tear, until you touch the tip of your 7, fill it out and READY!

2. Reverse delineation

As the name says, this technique is that you delineate yourself through the lower part of your eye. As easy as filling the entire lower part of the eye, make a little tear from the tear towards the nose and another thicker line from the tip of the eye to the tip of the eyebrow and ends up looking amazing.

3. Parallel lines technique

We all know that the line should go from the tip of the eye towards the tip of the eyebrow, once you locate that inclination, try to imagine another line of your tear towards the center of your face. What you should do is paint both lines almost the same size and in the end join them along the entire length of the lashes, you will look like a goddess.

4. With adhesive tape

How many of us do not go over the line at the time of delineating at least once a month? So is! All! The trick is as simple as putting a band of tape where you want to put your eyeliner, paint, let it dry and then remove it. This also works with the shadows, in addition to helping you grab practice and imagine that line the next time you paint.

5. The triangle technique

This technique is very similar to the technique of seven. You must start by making the basic line of the eye to the eyebrow and then another line that ends at the line of the eyelashes, forming a triangle on your eyelid, then make another line from the tear to our triangle and finally fill it as in the coloring books Without going over the hairline!