How To Apply Blush On

Hello guys! How are you? Today we are going to give a little color to your cheeks with the blushers ???? Do you know how to apply blush on correctly? What shades are worn this season? What are the most recommended brands? If you want to know, don’t miss this post how to apply blush on:

  • Tips and tricks for applying blush
  • What blush do I choose according to my skin tone?
  • The best low cost rouges

Let’s start!

Tips and tricks for applying blush

The blush or ‘blush’ has been present in makeup looks for decades. Without a doubt, it provides a touch of sweetness and blush that greatly favors the face.

It can make the difference between a ‘good face’ effect or a pale face, as long as we know how to apply blush on, since otherwise we can achieve an ornate and unnatural effect.

The first question is clear: in which area is the blush applied? There is no set rule, as it depends on the shape of the face, among other things. As a general rule, it should go just above the contour and under the illuminator, coinciding with the cheekbone.

A common mistake is to apply it in the contour area, although that place is not the most indicated, since it is an area that naturally sinks.

A trick: if you are not very clear where to apply it exactly, smile ???? and the area of ​​the cheekbones that stands out will be indicated.

Always keep in mind that less is more: use a small amount of blush if you put makeup on in artificial light. There is always time to raise the tone a little, but reducing it is more complicated ????

We must apply it lastly in our makeup, even after lipstick, so we can better perceive the intensity that we will get on the face.

If you have red lips, do not use too much blush, as it will look excessive. If you prefer to focus attention on the blush, use lipsticks in pink or nude tones.

Shape of face

We cannot forget that the shape of our face plays an important role when it comes to applying makeup with blush. This is the way you should use depending on your face type:

  • If you have an elongated face , you must apply the blush horizontally, from the cheek to the ear, to compensate for the verticality of the face.
  • For square faces , we will focus the makeup on the apples of the cheeks, to compensate for the marked angles.
  • On the rounded face , the blush will stylize if we apply it in a ‘C’ or crescent mode, from the cheek to the temple.
  • We will do something similar on the oval faces , but less accentuating the imaginary ‘C’.

Another important part when applying blush is the skin tone, since depending on it, the blush color we choose will be different.

What blush do I choose according to my skin type?

We all love the blush palettes and their countless shades, but you may have bought a blush more than once that later does not favor your face. Although there is nothing mandatory, we can find many shade recommendations for all skin types.

The ideal tone is the one that our cheeks have when we blush, and based on it, we will choose a similar tone. If we do not have pinkish tones on the cheeks, we must choose a deep pink tone to compensate for it. The less pink your cheeks are, the stronger the blush tone can be.

  • White skins : in this case, it is best to use blushes of peach or pink tones, which will highlight the cheeks in a very natural way.
  • Medium skin : pink and orange tones, with golden undertones.
  • Brown skin : opt for brown and orange blushes, always dark tones.
  • Freckled skin : you can also use orange and brown tones.
  • Reddish skins : in this case, they must be well unified with the previous application of the base and powders, so we could apply more reddish tones to the cheeks.
  • Skins with a yellow undertone: peach, coral, cherry and strawberry pink tones, to achieve warmth on the face.

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The best low cost rouges

  • Matt Touch Blush, from Essence. Ideal for a matte and durable finish, you will also find it in 6 different shades.

how to apply blush on

  • Very Vegan Powder Blusher, by w7. With vegan ingredients and 4 different shades.

how to apply blush on

  • Blush by Sleek . They provide shine and are highly pigmented, choose from 9 shades.

how to apply blush on

  • Trio Color Blush by Bell . Ideal to define and model the cheekbones.

how to apply blush on

  • Casino Palette, from w7.   4 shades: illuminator, two blushes and a tanner. Perfect for traveling!


  • Murumuru Butter, from Physicians Formula. Smooth and creamy texture, in 4 tones.


  • Baked Blush, by Milani. Highly pigmented, with a satin touch, 5 different shades.


  • Accord Perfect Le Blush, by L’oreal Paris. 4 shades with micronized pigments to achieve a pure and matte color.


Now all you have to do is choose yours and try it.

The most common is to apply it with a brush, in this post how to apply blush on you will see which one is suitable for blushes.

See you soon ????

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