Eyeshadow Textures

Between compact eyeshadows, with a cream texture or even powder, your heart is swinging? Difficult to navigate with all the varieties of existing products. Do not panic, we give you the keys to know what type of eyeshadow textures to choose.

Creamy eyeshadows

Cream-textured eye shadows seem more practical to apply. In reality, this type of product is more difficult to work than powdered eyeshadows . Richer in oil, these eyeshadows will tend to move during the day and form small packages in the folds of the eyelid . The ideal to use this kind of eyeshadow, more pigmented than the others, is to apply it as a base on the eyelids with the pulp of the finger. Then put another powder shadow with the brush, tapping lightly to fix the whole. The highly pigmented base will give more intensity to your makeup and mixing with the powder will allow you to better hold your make-up during the day .

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Pencil eyeshadows

The eyeshadows in pencil have the advantage of being easy to apply and do not require the use of a brush . Many models exist, it’s up to you to find the one that suits you best. Among the existing formats, you will find eyeshadows in tube with creamy formula (also called “jumbo” pencils), in sharpening pencil with a compact texture, in stick, with an integrated powder powder diffuser tip… The advantage of these products is their design which allows you to make up your eyes everywhere. For an express touch-up during the day, this type of make-up should always be in your bag. Select those that best match your application preferences and think ” eye primers ” to make keep your makeup throughout the day.

Compact eyeshadows

This is the classic make-up present in all makeup cases . In individual packaging or in pallets, compact eyeshadows are distinguished by their very practical formats. Indeed, you can take this type of product everywhere. For a nude effect or a glamorous evening make-up , you will find in all beauty stores the palette of eyeshadows adapted to your desire. Beware of the risk of falling, an accident quickly happens, and when this product breaks, your kits end up invaded with loose powder. No need to throw, however, you can easily restore your broken eyeshadow with simple tips.

Powder eyeshadows

Generally, eye shadows in the form of loose powder are more concentrated in pigments. These products therefore promise you a more intense rendering and well accented colors. To apply powder eyeshadow , use a paintbrush and tap the material on the skin. Because of the lightness of the product, you risk losing powder quickly by applying it. Using a makeup base on your eyes therefore seems essential. You can also finish your make-up by spraying a fixing spray all over your face. Intense and long-lasting result guaranteed!