Eyeshadow Finishes

At the time of makeup or buying any beauty product, sometimes you have the doubt if the color will be appropriate. Therefore, it is important to know some basic tips to choose the right eyeshadow finishes according to your type and skin pigmentation.

Eyeshadow Finishes Type

In the market there are countless pallets and brands constantly make new releases. It is possible that there is confusion with the different presentations and terms that will handle, such as what is the difference between a normal shadow and a pressed pigment , or if a shadow with shimmer is equal to one with a metallic or satin finish. It is important to know these small details to be able to make the perfect purchase, especially by electronic means, since the offer can be very varied.

Tips For Choosing The Right Eye Shadow

The Presentation

I must careful when choosing the presentation or having the eyeshadow you want to use, as this influence to  the way it is applied. The normal thing is to find them inside a palette in different finishes. There is also the option of getting pigments individually, which can then add to a magnetized palette to create a unique palette. Brands like Nabla, NYX or  PostQuam , usually sell this modality.

Another very common presentation is the one that comes in the form of cream , which come in small jars and its texture is creamy, which favors durability. On the other hand, liquid shadows have also become very popular lately, since it is very simple and fast to work with them.

A presentation that has revived the ashes are loose pigments. As the name implies, it comes in powder form which makes it easier to work with them.

Different Eyeshadow Finishes

The different finishes of the eye shadows play a fundamental role to achieve a good result in makeup. There are different types and depending on the one used, a specific brush should implement.



This Eye Shadow Has No Shine, No  Shimmer  Or Glitter.


It Can Be Used On The  Entire Eyelid , Depending On The Look.It Helps  Create Transitions  When Other Finishes Are Used.


Flat Brush : Works To Place The Pigment In A Specific Area.Blur Brush : Distributes The Color To Create A Gradient.

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They Are  Bright Colors  And With Some reflective Particles.


During The Day They Are Applied To The  Inner Angle Of The Eye  And The Tear.At Night, It Can Be Applied On The Mobile Eyelid.


It Is Applied With A  Flat Brush, Gently Dragging It.



They Are Bright  And Sparkly Tones, May Contain Glitter Or  Glitter.


They Are Applied In The  Center Of The  Mobile Eyelid To Add Light And Create Different Effects. It Can Also Be Applied In The Tear Area.


It Is Best To  Use Your Fingers  To Apply It, Since The Pigment Adheres Better To The Skin.If You Wish To Use The Recommendation, It Is A  Flat Brush  And Moistened With A Little Makeup Fixative.



It Has A  Subtle Shine, Almost Similar To Metallic Shadows. It Works On Dry Skin.


They Are Applied To The  Mobile Eyelid  And The Upper Area.


Apply With A  Flat Brush, It Is Not Necessary To Blur.



They Have A  Very Subtle Light, Similar To That Reflected By Pearls.


It Is Perfect For Use On The  Mobile Eyelid, Leaving A “Wet” Result On The Eyelid.


It Is Applied With A  Flat Brush  When You Want To Concentrate The Color In An Area.Use A  Brush To Blur  When You Want To Mix The Colors.



They Are  Shades That  Change Color  Depending On The Angle At Which The Light Reflects.


They Work Perfectly From The  Middle Of The  Mobile Eyelid To The Tear.


Apply With Your Fingers  Or With A Damp Brush To Concentrate The Color.

Eye Color

Selecting a good eye shadow will depend on the color of the iris. In this way, blue and gray eyes can use all blue, pink, silver and brown ranges; if they want to create contrast, they can choose yellow, orange or pastel red, always avoiding green pigments. On the other hand, girls who have green eyes will handle in that same hue and brown, pink or lilac; creating contrast with reds, oranges and purples. They should avoid blue colors.

The brown eyes , use green with yellow undertone, brown or purple; They usually combine very well with any hue. But, you should discard those very light green or blue pigments or any pastel hue. The eyes have a honey – colored use the same range as brown eyes, but may allow some pastel shades like pink or purple.

Finally, dark brown or black eyes will use brown, gray or black pigments, which make a good contrast to gold, purple and pink. Avoid very intense or saturated greens or blues.

Choosing an eye shadow correctly is a process that begins when you know what its presentation is, its finish and, finally, the hue that best suits the eye color. After all this, it will be time to apply all the knowledge about the technique and let the imagination fly to create incredible looks.