Eyeliner Ideas

The choice of the right eye liner technique depends on the shape and appearance of your eyes as well as the make-up of day or night.

Today many women find themselves beautiful and confident with the help of new age cosmetic products and makeup techniques. With the help of our 6 wonder eye liner idea, you will also look beautiful. Your confidence will also increase manifold.

Well we know that depends on a few things to think of women, but some women consider adorned herself-manicured and attractive when they make the exact make-up does not have.

Eyes play the biggest role in this. Eyes also do many things besides adding beauty to your beauty. These are extremely helpful in highlighting your feelings and the natural beauty of the face .

Therefore, it is very important to know the right way to use a product. Especially about eye liner, which does many things other than line the eyes.

We know, many women do not know this correctly. That is why today we are  sharing the 6i liner idea for different occasions .

1. Eye liner idea for Cat Eye

Cat eye is still the favorite trend of eye makeup.

This is a narcotic technique used on special occasions, especially at night ceremonies . Draw it with neutral colors and then embellish the eyelashes with fine mascara and attractive gold or silver-eye shadows.

By the way, you should be careful while drawing the line and thickening it, because an eye liner can make your look less attractive or bad .

What you should do?

  • Outline the entire eye with the black eye liner, and then gradually thicken the line until it is as thick as the line seen in the picture.
  • Then draw a pointed wing away from the line and fill it with dark black color.

2. Color Eye Liner

With the color eye liner, you will look young and beautiful. It is ideal for exposing big eyes .

You can make it with a dark base. Layering the color on the top so that it emerges. Compared to Cat Eye, only the upper part of the eye is lined here, which at the end gives a sharp outward curve.

What you should do?

  • Start lining the eyelids from the top of the base.
  • After this, apply a little color on the same line.

3. Full Outline

The feature of full outline is similar to that of Cat Eye. The only difference is that the line decoration is reduced here .

You can use the full outline on both the day or night, as it makes the eyes look deep and bright .

The most important thing in the ideal full outline is to keep the rest of the decorations to a minimum. That is, do not use mascara with it and do not apply eye shadow too much.

What you should do?

  • Outline the eyes with a thin line, but take care that it is not too oblique or bulging.
  • If your eyes are of small or almond-like shape, do not use this style as this method will make them more vulgar rather than bulging them.

4. Double Liner

The double liner is a very sensual style. You can adopt it for nightly events . It has to take care of a little more technical precision. But you keep trying until your eyes start looking perfect.

The lines are drawn on both the upper and lower eyelids, but they should not merge together. To give them a more beautiful look, you can fill them with pearl eyes.

What you should do?

  • Line the upper eyelid and point the outer edge upward.
  • After this, line the bottom eyelid, blur it slightly so that it does not emerge excessively.

5. thin line

With this style eye liner, you will look attractive and intelligent. It gives the perfect look for everyday chores as well as going for outings or spending time in the beach.

For your eyes to be more emotional, you must apply mascara on the right eyelids.

What you should do?

  • Start with a clean base on the eyelids, followed by a light black line.
  • Thicken the line slightly on the outer side of the eye. In this way you are absolutely ready.

6. Greek Line

Women with short and almond shaped eyes can use the Greek line method to give themselves an attractive and glowing look.

Due to this, the eyes appear slightly larger and more round . That is, it helps them emerge.

A Greek line with white or any other shade of color can be used at night or at any time.

What you should do?

  • The line is drawn almost completely outlining the eye. The special thing is that it draws only half of the way down .
  • Applying mascara on the eyelids with bright eye shadow gives a perfect look.