Eyeliner For Every Eye Shape

Have you seen an eye makeup tutorial that you loved and when trying it the result has not been as expected? Many times it is not that you are not skilled enough or that you do not have the necessary skill to make up, it is that the technique you use is not suitable for your eye shape.

Each person is different and their features are too. Learning to put on makeup according to your features  and contouring according to the shape of your face is essential to get the makeup that suits you best. If you want the maximum effects with little effort, it is important that you have brushes that ensure definition and a polished makeup . Let’s do it! The first thing is to identify the shape of your eyes : sunken, almond- shaped , together, separated, round, fallen or torn … We give you the keys to recognize your eye shape, and we teach you how to make them up so that your eyes dazzle. Do not miss this post!

Hollow eyes

How are sunken eyes?

You have sunken eyes when the brow bone is most noticeable. The ideal is to use shades in light shades like beige  to illuminate them and thus increase their visual openness.

How to make up sunken eyes?

  1. Apply the lighter shade of shadow on the brow bone, the mobile eyelid and along the inner end of the lower eyelashes to give light to your look.
  2. Use an intermediate tone at the top of the crease and extend it along the brow bone to give some color.
  3. Finally, use a darker shade outlining the upper and lower lashes and blur it outward in a V-shape.
  4. Once the eyeshadow is applied, we will make a thin eyeliner flush with the upper and lower eyelashes with an eyeliner , drawing a slightly thicker line on the outside of the eyelid. Do not know how to make the outline? No problem! We leave you a quick and easy guide in this article .
  5. We will end by applying mascara on both the upper and lower lashes.

Eyes together

How to know that you have your eyes together?

A person is considered to have their eyes together when the eyes keep each other a distance less than that of an eye. Our goal in this case will be to make the eyes appear more separated using the most intense colors at the outer ends and the lightest in the tear to give more light and breadth .

How to apply the shadows on the eyes together?

  1. Apply the lighter shade on the brow and eyelid bone . Do not forget to put a spot of light on the tear to give a feeling of greater amplitude.
  2. Use an intermediate tone on the outer side of the eyelid fold and extend it towards the center and towards the eyebrow.
  3. Finally, apply a darker shadow on the outside of the eye up to the outer area of ​​the crease.
  4. Finally, delineates a liner upper and lower flanges from the center of the iris to a tad beyond the end of the eye.
  5. You can apply mascara on the upper and lower lashes if you wish.

Eyes separated

How to distinguish eyes apart?

These types of eyes keep each other a distance greater than the size of an eye. What we will try in this case is to hide the extra space by applying darker shadows on the inner part of the eye.

How to make up the eyes separated correctly?

  1. We will apply the lighter shade on the brow bone to give light and look up.
  2. Then we will continue with an intermediate tone extending it from the tear towards the outside of the eyelid fold .
  3. Use a darker shade to draw the upper lash line to the eye crease.
  4. The outlined in the separated eyes should be thin both in the upper and lower part of the eye.
  5. Finish with a light touch of mask on the upper and lower lashes .

Torn or Asian eyes

What are Asian eyes like?

These eyes are characterized by having a very small mobile eyelid and an elevated shape at its ends. It is very important that we avoid shadows of very light tones and that we focus on highlighting the line of the eyelashes and the outer ends to provide a greater dimension.

Asian eye makeup

  1. In this case we will apply the lighter shade over the entire brow bone and in the tear .
  2. We will blur a shade of intermediate tone over the entire eyelid .
  3. We will end up applying a darker shadow over the crease of the eye extending it inwards until it reaches the center of the eye .
  4. We will draw a very fine line flush with the upper lashes with a liquid eyeliner .
  5. Finish the eye makeup with a little mask on the upper eyelashes .

Droopy eyes

How to identify sagging eyes?

Fallen eyes are those in which the ends of these fall naturally hiding the mobile eyelid. They are usually common in mature women. In this case, the ideal is to use shadows with matte texture .

How to make up droopy eyes?

  1. We will start by applying the lighter shade on the brow bone and along the upper eyelashes and the inner end of the lower eyelashes .
  2. We will continue with an intermediate tone earth color over the entire sunken area .
  3. With a darker shade of shade it marks the line of the upper and lower lashes and on the outer end of the mobile eyelid blurring it well towards the center of it.
  4. We will end up delineating the upper eyelashes by raising the line upwards on the outside of the eye to look up.
  5. Apply a mask on the upper lashes , and if you want on the lower ones too.

Round or bulging eyes

What are bulging eyes like?

These eyes have a round shape and are usually large. Our goal in this case will be the same as for droopy eyes, to get eyes torn up .

How to apply makeup on bulging eyes?

  1. Apply a light tone on the tear and the brow bone to give light to the look.
  2. We will continue with an intermediate tone , which we will apply on the eyelid and on the eyelash line .
  3. Finally, we will use the darkest tone in the outer third of the eye in a V-shaped shape .
  4. Blur it out well.
  5. If you wish you can apply mascara from the center to the outside of your eyes to lengthen your look.
  6. As for the eyeliner, we recommend the use of a liquid eyeliner to draw a line as thin as possible .

Almond eyes

How to distinguish almond eyes?

The almond shaped eye is the easiest to make up since it has greater symmetry. They are narrow and oval-shaped eyes with the end zone of the tip.

Almond Eye Makeup

  1. Start by applying the lighter shade , to illuminate, throughout the eyelid to the brow bone .
  2. Continue applying an intermediate tone on the eyelid crease starting at the outer end and blur.
  3. Finish by applying the darker shade two thirds of the upper lash line to the crease.
  4. If you wish, apply a small amount of this tone on the last third of the lower lashes .
  5. As for the eyeliner, draw a slightly ascending line that goes from the inner end of the upper lash line and ends just beyond the corner of the eye.
  6. Add mascara on the ends of the eye to give strength to your look.

To learn how to outline, don’t miss our step-by-step eyeliner tips !

Do you already know what the shape of your eyes is? Now you just have to follow the advice we have given you and you will get an impact look that nobody can resist.