Eyelash Extensions Guide

Eyelash extensions guide or enhancement, if these two methods seem to be the perfect alternatives to mascara, they raise many questions. Discover their differences, their advantages and disadvantages in order to finally enlighten on this subject and who knows, maybe make an appointment!

All about eyelash extensions

Longer, thicker and more curved eyelashes for an assured doe look , these are the promises of eyelash extensions. How do the sessions take place, what are the different poses, the advantages, the disadvantages. But also the right gestures to adapt? We tell you everything there is to know about eyelash extensions guide!

Who can do it?

Whether it is to open your eyes, replace mascara, enhance the shape of your eyes or by immense laziness to put mascara, anyone is eligible for eyelash extensions , unless they suffer from an eye disease , have had recent surgery or chemotherapy .

How to choose your pose of extensions?

Whether you are the discreet or extravagant type, there is something for everyone! Of long, short, more or less curved, colored, eyelash extensions are primarily asked to enhance your look and you match . Several poses exist: natural, complete, mixed, Russian volume, intense Russian volume , ranging from a natural and discreet effect, to a loaded and sophisticated volume pose . You can ask your technician for advice. He will know which one will enhance your eyes the most according to their shape and the density of your eyelash base .

How is the pose?

The specialist installs you in a lying position. It means that when you are relaxed, the moment of the session is very pleasant and many are those who fall asleep!. And begins work. The pose consists in adding a silk extension in hypoallergenic synthetic fibers on each eyelash, 1 to 1 . With a clip, the specialist will isolate your natural eyelash and use a second clip to deposit the synthetic eyelash (or clumps of eyelashes, it all depends on the pose) a few millimeters from your eyelid , after having previously dipped in a special glue.

The eyelash extensions are above all applied to replace the mascara. And, they are therefore generally black in order to stand out clearly on the eyes. However, some technicians offer colored eyelashes to reveal the original personalities of their clients.

How long can extensions last?

Being placed on your natural eyelashes, the extensions fall at the same time as your eyelashes . Like all hairs in the human body, eyelashes have a life cycle and are renewed every 4 to 6 weeks . It is of course possible to make an appointment after 3 weeks when more than half of the extensions are still present, in order to carry out a touch-up, allowing your pose to extend by a few weeks. In any case, remember that the only secret to long-lasting extensions is good maintenance!

Do they damage the eyelashes?

This is the question that comes up the most and represents the biggest brake. It is quite normal to ask it, the health of your eyelashes is paramount. However, the answer is no. The specialist only places a synthetic eyelash on your natural eyelash and yes! the installation carries out correctly and that you take care of it, there is no risk. They will fall out naturally, according to the natural cycle of your eyelashes .

The best advice of eyelash extensions guide will be to take care when making an appointment. Beware of the overly attractive prices and always make an appointment with a professional otherwise, you and your eyelashes may regret it …

How to take care of your extensions?

At the end of your pose, the specialist should offer you a small brush, if this is not the case, go to a Sephora and gently ask for a small brush (to test the mascara) for your eyelashes and voila ! It will be essential to brush them regularly : gently brush your eyelashes morning and evening. For make-up removal, avoid all the oil-based ingredients and voila!

To finish with extensions, this is a method that is not harmful to your eyelashes , it is however advisable to space the poses in order to let your natural eyelashes breathe . Yes, it is essential so that they can accommodate the next extensions in the best conditions!

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Eyelash enhancement: what is it?

Less known than perm or coloring, eyelash enhancement allows you to offer a nice curvature to your eyelashes in order to have an “eyelash curl” effect but over the long term. This method beautifies and opens the eye while remaining natural , the perfect alternative to mascara?

How does the enhancement work?

As for extensions, although the method is harmless, it is essential to make an appointment with professionals and to avoid prices that are too low.

During the session, the specialist will place a silicone patch on your upper eyelid after analyzing the shape of your eye, as well as the thickness, length and density of your eyelashes. The first step is to glue your eyelashes one by one to the patch using tweezers and a cotton swab . After about fifteen minutes, they take the shape of the base of the patch, a little rounded. Then, when they are taken off, the specialist puts a product for 15 minutes to fix the curvature and a dye can be offered in addition, in order to define his look and get a look of natural embers !

Does the enhancement damage the eyelashes?

No, it does not damage the eyelashes but it is however preferable to space the sessions because by dint of repetitions, it could harm the quality of your eyelashes . The pose can be unpleasant for some people who could not bear the odors of the products, but nothing too bad, it is a harmless method that promises natural results and that last up to 5 weeks!

What is the recommended maintenance?

There is no special maintenance when you use eyelash enhancement, however there are some tips to adapt if you want to take care of it. When removing make-up, use micellar waters or cleansing milks, avoid anything that is too oily because it could reduce the curved effect of your dream lashes!

You will understand, eyelash extensions are more an alternative to mascara with a more charged and visible effect, while the enhancement will curl your natural eyelashes while remaining discreet. Both methods are safe, as long as you do not abuse them and accept small breaks for the good of your lashes!

So, are you more eyelash extensions or enhancement? Have you ever tested any of these methods which we define in eyelash extensions guide?