Eye Makeup Tips

Whatever their color, the eyes are an essential element of the face and are considered a real asset of seduction. The make-up makes it possible to highlight them, to sublimate them and to intensify the look. For many women, it is both a pleasure and a key step in the beauty routine. Whether for everyday or for a special occasion, make up your eyes is accessible to all, including beginners, as long as we know the basic gestures and eye makeup tips. Combine colors and textures, enlarge the look, stay natural … the possibilities are endless and are only limited by your imagination! You do not know how to make up your eyes or which eye shadow to choose according to their color? PebbleDashRemoval gives you all its advice to help you make up make-up according to your desires.

Eye shadows: how to choose and apply them?

The application of eye shadows is the first step in eye makeup. If there are no basic rules for shades, it is best to ensure that they are in harmony with the eye color. The choice of textures and effects (mat, iridescent) then remains specific to each and can vary according to the tastes of the moment.

Blue, green, brown eyes… what are the best eye shadows?

Best eye makeup tips are related to colors. To be sure not to make any mistakes and to make your eyes more intense, we recommend that you follow the principle of colorimetry. This involves using shades of eye shadows that are complementary to that of the eyes. Thus, we will not make up blue eyes in the same way as brown or green eyes. The table below presents the tones to favor according to the color of your eyes and those which are to be avoided.

Eye color Preferred shades Colors to avoid
green Purple, lilac, purple, plum, brown, gray Green, blue, pink
Blue and gray Orange, bronze, brown, taupe, gray, black, deep blue Light blue, light green
Brown and black Brown, copper, gold, khaki, sapphire blue, purple,
emerald green, beige, gray, black, night blue
White, pink, light blue, light green

How to apply eye shadows?

After the choice of eye shadows comes the second step: the application. Depending on the result you want to achieve, you can use a single shade or several, the ideal being to stick to three different colors so as not to overload the eyes. The eye shadows are usually in powder form but there are also creamy jar textures or jumbos, which look like crayons and are perfect for women who are not yet used to applying eye makeup. To apply your eye shadows , you can content yourself with your fingers or use brushes: a flat brush to deposit the material on the eyelids and a larger brush to blend and blend the shades together and avoid demarcation.

Before you start, remember to put an eye shadow base to smooth, even out and prolong the hold of the eye shadows. Then just follow a few simple eye makeup tips. First place a light shadow (sand or flesh) on the entire upper eyelid, going up slightly towards the brow bone. Not very visible, this eye shadow aims to catch the light and intensify the other colors applied. If you only use one color of eye shadow, drop it gradually, from the inner corner of the eye to the outer corner. For a melted finish and a gradient effect, blend the eye shadow so that the color is more intense outside the eye.

If you want to do more sophisticated eye makeup, select up to three different eye shadows. Start by depositing the lightest shade then the darkest. On the outer corner, start from the root of the lashes and go up towards the outside of the eye to the crease of the eyelid. This helps to enlarge the look. Finally, you can apply one of the eye shadows previously used on the roots of the lower lashes. If you are doing evening makeup, do not hesitate to choose colored or glittery eye shadows . Prefer waterproof formulas that guarantee a very long-lasting or apply a makeup fixer.

Pay attention to the shape of the eyes!

Specific to each person, the shape of the eyes is an important criterion to take into account when we want to make them up because it partly determines the final result. Here are some makeup techniques based on the most common situations:

  • large eyes: apply a light shadow under the brow bone to give the impression of a smaller eye;
  • close eyes: drop a light shade on the inner corner;
  • eyes apart: apply dark eye shadow on the inner corner to visually correct the gap;
  • small eyes: drop a lighter shadow in the center of the upper eyelid, just above the iris.

Focus: an easy smoky eye

Timeless eye makeup, smoky eye (also known as ” smoky eyes”) is a technique often feared by beginners. This requires a minimum of practice, at the risk of ending up with a “black eye” effect. It is mostly available in black but it is quite possible to use other shades of eye shadows such as plum, bronze or deep blue. Smoky eye exercises is complex because it involves making eye makeup that is both intense and subtle. We recommend that you use dark eye shadow and one or two close shades for a degraded result. For example, if you choose black, combine it with dark gray or metallic blue. Depending on the result you want, you can layer the matte and pearlescent eye shadows.

For an easy smoky eye, select two to three eye shadows, a kohl pencil of the shade that will be most present and take a flat brush. Using kohl, start by roughly drawing a line above the upper lashes. Blend it with your finger up the material up and outside the eyelid so as to obtain a smoky effect. Then apply the main eye shadow on the entire eyelid. Gently tap to blend the eye shadow with the pencil. With a less intense make-up, make up the crease of the eyelid and raise slightly under the eyebrow. Add a touch of slightly iridescent beige eye shadow at the base of the eyebrow to brighten and make it look sharper. Finally, pick up your kohl pencil and draw a fairly thick line flush with the lower lashes. If you are not used to this gesture, apply the kohl by making small dots then use a fine brush to create a line by stretching from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. For beginners, jumbo eye shadows and finger blurring are particularly recommended because they allow you to familiarize yourself with the smoky eye technique.

How to apply the eyeliner and mascara?

Applied after the eye shadows, the eyeliner and the mascara make it possible to intensify the look and to enrich the eyelashes. One requires some control while the other is much easier to use and install.

Successful eye liner

Whether black or colored, the eyeliner makes it possible to create sustained eye makeup and to give the eye a touch of mystery or originality. However, it involves a gesture which can be tedious for the less experienced and which consists in drawing a uniform line along the upper eyelashes. We therefore recommend that you practice to master this technique and try different types of traits. To guide you, you can draw a first line using a black pencil without pressing too hard. Then simply iron over with the eyeliner . Take care not to make a line too thick: it narrows the eyes, weighs down and ages the look.

This make-up product can come in different forms: felt (the easiest to handle); liquid, in a bottle with a very fine brush; gel, often packaged in a jar and requiring the use of a beveled brush to be placed on the eyelid. To draw your eye liner line , start at the inner corner and stretch the line to the outer edge of the eye. You can stop there or add a kind of comma going up on the outer corner to lengthen the look and create a “cat eye” effect.

The kohl (or kajal) pencil can replace the eyeliner or be applied along the root of the lashes, at the level of the mucosa, for an even more intense effect. Originally used in ancient Egypt for its medicinal properties, it has since become an essential beauty product for making up the eyes and notably making a smoky eye.

Doe eyelashes with mascara

Nothing like mascara to add volume and length to eyelashes. Final touch of eye makeup, it is very easy to apply. Black is the most used color but you can dare other colors. If you have green eyes for example, all the shades of brown as well as the more original plum will delight you. We remind you of the steps to follow for the result to be perfect.

Before applying your mascara, remember to curl your eyelashes using an eyelash curler . If its appearance can be scary at first, this accessory is essential so that the eyelashes do not fall out during the day. You can also apply a little powder to make the mascara adhere better and last longer. Before placing the product on the eyelashes, clean the brush (brush) using a tissue. This removes excess material and avoids bundles. Raise your eyebrows to make the pose even simpler. First make up the top of the lashes by positioning the brush at the base of the lashes and go up towards the eye makeup tips by performing a movement from left to right, like zigzags, to separate the lashes. Do the same for the bottom. For evening makeup, dare to use false eyelashes!

The importance of eyebrows in eye makeup

We tend to forget them and they are even sometimes our bane… However, the eyebrows are very important and play an essential role in the structure of the face and the character of the look.

What form of eyebrow?

Today, the fashion for fine eyebrows is over and has given way to thick and thick eyebrows . The first step is to define the ideal eyebrow line, in harmony with the entire face. For this, we advise you to call on a professional (make-up artist). Once we have found the shape that suits us, we stick to it and we only remove hair that protrudes.

Pencil, powder, wax… how to choose?

Start by brushing the eyebrows in reverse and then in the direction of growth. To make them up, you can use several textures: pencil, powder, wax, etc. The pencil is probably the easiest technique to master. It is ideal for filling in sparse eyebrows and defining a clean line. For a natural result, use the edge, not the tip of the pencil, like drawing hairs. Take your time and progress in small steps without pressing too hard. Eyebrow pencils often have a brush that you can use to brush and discipline your hair.

The powder provides a softer result and is suitable for slightly sparse brows . It especially allows to intensify their natural color. You can choose a specific product for the eyebrows or use an eyeshadow that will do the trick. Take the material with a beveled brush and proceed in the same way as for the pencil.

Finally, wax is recommended for women who are not particularly comfortable with other formats. It comes in stick or jar and must be applied with a brush. This texture may be slightly pasty, so always keep your hand light . The risk is to have very marked or too dark eyebrows compared to their natural shade. Used correctly, the wax also makes it possible to fix them durably.

The essential to remember

Make-up on your eyes is the best way to highlight them. This however requires a little practice and knowledge of certain eye makeup tips which will allow a harmonious result to be obtained. To intensify and enhance your look , many products exist: eye shadows, kohl pencil, eyeliner , mascara or eyebrow pencil. For everyday life, the ideal is to stay on a simple makeup. On the other hand, for evening make-up, you can dare more colorful tones, glitter eye shadows and false eyelashes. In any case, do not forget that from the moment you make up you will have to go through the make-up removal stage!