Eye Liner Guide

Back to black: which eyeliner line suits me?

Suddenly everyone sees black: the eyeliner is in high season! Actually, he was never really gone – new is that we can make up so many different styles with the eyeliner that fit every eye shape! With these eye liner guide you put your eyes in the spotlight with the right stroke and the right technique.

grunge look

Eye Liner Guide

This eye make-up becomes really dark with a simple version of the Smoked Eyeliner technique: Eyeliner is blended with black kohl. Practical for beginners: This technique forgives every mistake when applying makeup! Draw a strong line with an eyeliner directly on the upper lash line, then on the outer lower lash line – you don’t need a perfect eyeliner here. Let the eyeliner dry, then frame the eye with a soft kohl and blend with a brush. Finally, apply black kohl on the waterline. How extremely “punky” the eye make-up becomes depends entirely on your style.

smudged-out liner: noble & mysterious

Here the classic, subtle eyeliner look gets a small but cool upgrade: apply a dark, soft kohl with a very fine tip almost directly to the upper and lower lash line (not on the waterline!). Then gently brush over the lash line with a brush and blend the eyeliner. Apply strong eyelashes. An eye make-up that is absolutely suitable for everyday use and yet is particularly attractive due to its smoky effect. The look can also be made up with dark eye shadows.

edgy look: perfectly imperfect

Ingenious about this make-up: you don’t have to make up a perfect eyeliner – on the contrary. Blurring is a must here! To make the line soft, use Khol Kajal instead of eyeliner. First draw a line across the entire lid. Widen outwards from the middle. Then lightly wipe the color with an eyeshadow brush. Then draw a narrow line under the lower lash line. Only blur the outer edge here. Install a small “wing” so that the eye does not appear squat through the wide eyelid line: pull the line over the outer lid with a slight swing. That opens the eye. Use an eyeshadow base so that the perfect imperfect make-up does not look like after a night of drinking after a few hours.

black painting: drama queen

eye liner guide

This extravagant eye liner guide puts an end to soft smokey eyes and is a real eye-catcher: here the entire movable lid is painted with a deep black texture and extended with a dramatic wing. In order to make this eye shadow art as precise as possible without glare effects, dark eye shadow is simply replaced 1: 1 by Kajal. So that the color lasts, apply an eyeshadow base beforehand. For the exactly made-up wing, simply use a small adhesive strip as a template.

2000s kajal: the minimalist

eye liner guide

We celebrate the comeback of the 2000 Avril Lavigne look: Kajal on the waterline! Simply apply a soft black kohl to the lower water line several times. The effect is particularly strong with bright eyes! But be careful: this make-up technique makes the eyes smaller and narrower. To visually “make up”, conjure up a slight 3-D eye opener effect with a bright eye shadow or highlighter in the inner eyelid.

retro: 60s wings

eye liner guide

To make up the 60s wings, you need a trembling-free hand and an eyeliner with a fine tip. First emphasize the upper lash line with an expressive line and end beyond the lid with a visible wing. For the cat eye look, you can stick a small adhesive strip as a template on the outer corner of the eye. Tip: Mark the desired end point of your wing with a point beforehand. Tip: you still lack the right swing with the eyeliner, first draw a few points along the lash line and then connect them. If you support your elbow, the make-up works with the eyeliner without tremors.

Instructions: the right eyeliner for your eye shape

But an eyeliner can do much more than cool styles: it can make your eyes appear larger, more radiant and more alert – depending on the shape you choose. Find the right eyeliner with instructions here that will flatter your eye shape.

almond shape

If you have almond-shaped eyes, you’re very lucky: pretty much all eyeliner looks suit you. This line of eyelids can emphasize your eye shape particularly well: draw a line that begins very finely at the inner corner of the eye and runs out quite thick towards the outside. The eyeliner end is the optical end of the lash line. With almond-shaped eyes, a dynamic swing to the outside looks particularly beautiful. A gel eyeliner is suitable for this with its good opacity and is easy to apply.


For drooping eyelids, it is best to use a waterproof eyeliner. Since the upper eyelid lies on the lower eyelid when the eye is open, the color blurs particularly quickly. Pull the eyeliner very finely and as precisely as possible along the lash line – draw the line a little thicker if the line disappears in the crease of the eye when the eye is open. Place a small wing at the outer end, which is still pointing slightly upwards. If it is placed correctly, paint it a little thicker and connect it with the eyeliner – this eye liner guide opens the eye optically.

small eyes

Even an eye make-up with eyeliner can cheat little eyes optically bigger. For this, the line should be drawn very finely with an eyeliner on the entire lid. Thick black lines would make small eyes even narrower. Pull the eyeliner a little over the edge of the eyelid – but remain very narrow here. A very fine and eyeliner with a precise tip is best suited for this.

round eyes

Round eyes already indicate that they are less pointed than, for example, almond-shaped eyes. But you can visually elongate round eyes with the eyeliner. The trick: only draw a medium-wide line from the middle or the outer third of the eyelid, then become minimally wider towards the end. Pull the line beyond the outer corner of your eye and let it run out with a swing. A liquid eyeliner is particularly suitable for an opaque color.

big eyes

Big eyes easily tolerate wide lines that surround the whole eye. Either as a completely eye-catching make-up with the black eyeliner or a little smokey with soft kohl. Gently wipe it with your fingers or a cotton swab. If you want to make your eyes look smaller, use Kajal on the water line as well.

eyes apart

Who would have thought that – eyes that are far apart can even be “pushed together” optically with a line of the eyelid! To do this, draw an even, medium-wide line that begins very close to the inner corner of the eye. The line from the inner corner of the eye to the middle (at pupil height) may be a little thicker. The eyeliner should end right at the end of the eyelid and have no wings. The result is even stronger due to the thick application of a liquid eyeliner.

narrow eyes

There is a simple eye liner guide to optically separate closely spaced eyes: emphasize strongly on the outside! Start with the eyeliner in the middle of the eye and pull it outward. Then you start at the end point and pull a thin eyeliner under the lower lash line, also only to the middle of the eye. A thick long wing reinforces the optical illusion. A liquid eyeliner is ideal.