Editorial Makeup Definition

Editorial shoots involve many people who work to make an illustrative story. The shooting is very creative, it is the union of the acting of the model and the editorial makeup. But what is this type of makeup. We will tell you about editorial makeup definition.

What is editorial makeup?

Editorial makeup is a style that usually is not used every day, but uses in catwalks and photo shoots.

Editorial makeup is an interpret fashion. And it gives a look which helps to get an image demanded by a photographer, advertiser, art director or company.

editorial makeup definitionThe conception of a style

To make an editorial makeup, you must begin with the understanding of the skin tone of the model. And, then apply makeup and other cosmetics.

The skin of the model should look bright and fresh; Therefore, carrying out this makeup requires a lot of practice, skill and knowledge to highlight a clear and flawless complexion .

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editorial makeup definitionMain aspects

At the time of carrying out, this modality must take into account the following factors:

  • The hairstyle
  • Face contour

In many editorial photography sessions, the hairstyle of the model is the main focal point of the session. And, therefore, here a stylist will have a more important role to play.

editorial makeup definitionAlthough many hairstyles that appear in magazines are far from reality. And they cannot carry from a normal person. This element combined with makeup reflects the theme that will intend to express in the editorial theme.

In conclusion, face contour, is used to give a larger dimension to the face of the model. Since, with this technique the bone structure is improved, defining and refining areas such as:

  • Cheekbones
  • Nose
  • Forehead reduction