Does Eyeliner Go On Before Mascara

Do you want to have an impactful look? Follow these tips! We focus on eye makeup and give you tips on the cosmetics we should use and how to use them.


While natural beauty is the best attribute of women, there are times when it is necessary to fix a little more and for this we can make use of makeup . However, as simple as it sounds, makeup is an art and we don’t always manage to do it in the right way or in the most flattering way for our face.

And as one of the most important parts of makeup are the eyes , here we show you some tips so that you can make the most of your cosmetics and enhance your look , managing to see you radiant for any occasion .



-The correct eyeliner color

Whenever we go to delineate we have to use a color that contrasts with the color of our eyes so that they stand out much more. For this reason, and depending on the occasion, you could take risks and use colors such as gold (if your eyes are blue), blue (if your eyes are brown) or even purple (if your eyes are green). Otherwise, you can always use the classic dark colors like black and brown .


-Application of the liquid eyeliner

In the case of the liquid eyeliner, good advice is to apply it with the eyelid fully closed and stretched since sometimes we make the mistake of putting it on the eyelid while the eye is open and we end up staining the folds and folds of the eyelid.


-Application of the eye pencil

For proper use of eyeliner pencils are advised heated prior to applying , either with hand contact, a hair dryer or other hot surface so you get the color , you need without much effort, annoying blemishes or imperfections.


-Application of the eyeliner at the bottom of the tabs

Delineating the eyelashes of the lower eyelid will give you a look more intense and marked your eyes . To do this you could take an eyeliner and make small dots along the outside of the bottom line of your eyelashes so that they appear  more abundant and thicker .


– Enhance the outline

Finally, for your delineated stand out more, you could apply shade of eye powder the same color you applied on your eyelids below of the outlined of the eyelashes of the lower eyelid . The dark eye shadow could also be used as an alternative to the eyeliner .



-Application of the mascara for eyelashes

To apply this product can begin with the lower lashes instead of the upper and thus there is less chance of damaging the shadow of eyes since you have more time to apply the mask on top .

Another tip when putting this cosmetic is to do it with small movements from right to left to give in this way, a more uniform look , decrease the amount of lumps and at the same time separate each tab.


-Use more than one type of mask

To achieve a better appearance of your eyelashes use more than one type of mask , you could for example apply a waterproof one and another with effect to lengthen your eyelashes, making a notable difference in the appearance of your eyes.


-Heats the eyelash curler

A good tip to improve the effect of the curling iron is to warm it a bit with a hair dryer and then curl your eyelashes and immediately apply a first layer of mask . Of course, the curling iron is not too hot because you can hurt yourself!


-Improves the application of the mascara

As for the mask , it is also advisable to warm the product a little to improve its effect since this will soften the product and you can apply it more easily . Another recommendation is not pumping the brush applicator in the product since despite being customary, this movement causes air from the container of the mask and which dries more quickly .


– Get rid of lumps

A good habit when using cosmetics that are applied to the eyes is to keep them clean . Besides being more hygienic to the clean occasionally your brush can avoid the lumps .



-Application of the eyebrow pencil

Both those women who have bushy eyebrows as others who wish to highlight their own use a pencil for eyebrows to darken and retrace them . To accomplish this have to do traces small on the areas most thin your eyebrows but without overdoing it to continue looking natural . If you don’t like the effect that pencil gives your eyebrows, try painting them with shadows and a thin brush .


-The shape of the eyebrows

Keep in mind that if we want to paint the eyebrows, they must have a natural way to not make the makeup so obvious. That is why a tip to achieve this perfect form is to guide oneself with the eye . The inner part of the eyebrow should start in the same place as the eye so that the lower part of the eyebrow could be aligned vertically with the tear . For the end of the eyebrow, the outer part of your eye is taken as a reference, it should be able to align diagonally. Thus, taking your eye as a reference, you have the measure of how long the eyebrows should look.