Cream Vs Powder Blush

Your makeup kit is not complete if there is no blush inside it. It is one of the basic cosmetics that you can not miss in your makeup routine because it works great. It makes you look younger and gives a more radiant look to your look. As if that weren’t enough, accentuate your features and shape your face. Can you ask for more? Yes! The cream blush came to conquer your heart. Now you have two options: powder and cream, what is the difference between the two or Cream Vs Powder Blush? If you want to know which one is better, we share the highlights of these two types of blush. Read Cream Vs Powder Blush.


  • It is the most sought after, used and traditional product due to its long time in the market.
  • Ideal for girls with oily or mixed skin , especially in this summer season.
  • It is perfect to get rid of face shine.
  • Its pigmentation is much more potent than cream blush.
  • Accentuate your cheekbones more.
  • It does not run easily.
  • Today it has a great variety of tones to choose from.
  • Perfect to go out at night.

How to apply blush powder?

In general, small  brushes that include some products usually do not spread it perfectly. It is advisable to use a round cut brush to apply the powder blush. Slide your brush over the blush and shake it slightly to remove the excess (do not blow it, you transmit bacteria). Then pass the brush over the line of your cheekbones and voila! Avoid applying too much or exceeding the line.

Cream blush

  • The blush  cream has taken more strongly because of its innovative formula.
  • Ideal for girls with dry and normal skin.
  • Lasts much longer than powder blush.
  • Your application is easier.
  • It is more practical because you do not need to load brushes or sponges to apply it.
  • It keeps your cheeks hydrated.
  • Give lighting to your cheekbones.
  • It brings a more natural effect to your makeup.

How to apply the cream blush?

Applying the cream blush is very simple and with a little practice you will be an expert. Keep a firm smile and use your fingertips to take a little product and then give small touches on the highest part of your cheeks. Then, blur along the line of your cheekbones in circular motions and voila! It doesn’t matter if you apply it after applying your base or when all the makeup is ready, it works the same way!

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And which one did you like the most in Cream Vs Powder Blush? Personally, I think that cream blush works much better and is more practical. However, these times of heat do not favor this product. Therefore I would say that the powder blush is for almost the whole year compared to the cream blush. On the other hand, its presentation is practical, so if you load your cosmetics everywhere I recommend this type of blush.

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